Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Catalysis and Flow

Design of Organic Chemistry Lab on the synthesis, characterization, and application of azo-dyes

Student-Designed Multistep Synthesis Projects in Organic Chemistry

Chemical biology, focusing on bioorthogonal reactions for chemical modifications of biological systems, the synthesis of proteins with posttranslational modifications for cancer epigenetic studies, and the construction of small molecule-peptide libraries for drug discovery.

Mechanistic chemistry and enzymology of complex organic transformations, particularly those found on the vitamin biosynthetic pathways.

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A. The object of this project was to develop anew methodology for carrying out experiments in the undergraduateorganic chemistry laboratory using supported reagents and catalysts.A major goal was to offer an alternative to the apparatus-intensivetechnique type of laboratory. Some major features of this approachare:

The areas of organic synthesis, new organic reactions, organometallic reactions, and bioorganic and biological chemistry are strongly represented in the research projects of the chemistry faculty at Texas A&M. Other research areas include marcomolecular and polymer chemistry, catalysis, and natural products.

The combination of instrumentation available through the Department and individual research groups is among the best in the country for organic and bioorganic research. Several high field multinuclear NMR spectrometers, mass spectrometers, and x-ray diffractometers are available for access. A variety of molecular graphics systems are routinely used by students.

Organic synthesis is a special part of chemical synthesis

These projects are conducted under the terms of a Purchase Order issued by the client. Custom Synthesis involves preparation of amounts of compounds that have already been described in either the public or proprietary literature and for which synthetic procedures are available. In certain cases, closely related unpublished analogs may also be amenable to this approach. Purchase Order projects are invoiced and paid for once the project is completed and the product delivered to the client.

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Abstract. The incorporation of research projects into undergraduate chemistry courses provides a perspective that is fundamentally unavailable in most laboratory experiences. While independent, multistep synthesis projects in organic chemistry have been reported previously, most efforts have been directed at relatively restricted, closely guided research plans with modest student participation in the experimental design. We have implemented a more open-ended synthesis project, limited principally by cost, safety and availability of materials. In the second semester of the sophomore organic sequence, students develop multiple drafts of a plan for a three-to-four-step synthesis. Subsequently, students obtain their own literature protocols for the individual steps. The synthesis is performed over three four-hour laboratory periods. The students conclude this project with a poster presentation of the results at the end of the semester. Evaluation of the students’ work focuses not only on the successful synthesis of the target but also on planning, troubleshooting, purification, and spectral analysis.

Organic Synthesis and New Drug Delivery Systems

Organic and polymer synthesis, physical organic investigation, and process engineering of functional π-conjugated systems for electronic, photonic, and energy applications.

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Current research centers around organometallic chemistry, and branches into catalysis, organic synthesis, enantioselective reactions, stereochemistry, mechanism, and materials and green chemistry. Present initiatives include enantioselective and recoverable catalysts, and organometallic building blocks for molecular wires and gyroscopes.