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We will never know the whole truth about all aspects of the career of Shostakovich andthe reasons for all of his actions. Even if we did, it would not greatly lessen thecontroversy. Since the Soviet and Western systems are so fundamentally philosophicallydifferent and are in competition, there will always be some who will seize on whateverevidence there is to attack the other system. To some, the idea of a governmentinterfering in any way in the artistic output of an artist is anathema. Some people,however, are able to put it into perspective. The great conductor Sir Adrian Boult said in1948

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I did use elements of dodecaphony in these works [the Twelfth Quartet and the Violin Sonata]. Of course, if you take a theory and solely use this theory, I have a very negative attitude towards this kind of approach. But if a composer feels that he needs this or that technique, he can take whatever is available and use it as he sees fit. It is his right to do so.

That his movement away from twelve-tone music was a natural, not an enforceddevelopment was made clear in statements made throughout his later career that this typeof music was not the correct type for the Soviet people. Take the following statement, forexample, made in 1968.

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On the con side are the following: First, with the exception of certain highly euphonicpieces scattered through his musical career, his music always exhibited signs ofmodernism, in one form or another. His first major work was mildly modern, then came theradical period, then a long, more moderately modern period, becoming more modernistictoward the end. Second, the period of extreme modernism began when he was approximately 20years of age and lasted until he was roughly 26-28, a period in life when many artistsexperiment with radical styles. Third, there is no direct correspondence between the datesof the major artistic decrees/criticisms directed at him and the periods of most rapidstylistic changes seen in Shostakovich’s compositions.

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In other words, this type of music is not created for any audience whatsoever, but forthe benefit of the composer (and perhaps his or her colleagues) alone.

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Second, artists like composers of serious music seem frequently to be faculty membersof some educational institution. Their bread-and-butter is more or less assured, butgetting their works performed is not. They must cater to the tastes of those orchestralmusic directors who select their works for performance. These orchestras are oftensupported, at least in part, by tax revenue, part by ticket purchases and part by“patrons of the arts.” In the last analysis, what works the concertgoers hearand the taxpayers pay for are determined dictatorially by the orchestral music directors.

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Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony, premiered in 1937, does not fit into any pattern of agradual increase of traditional musical forms. It was the first major work since thecritical articles in the beginning of 1936. The piece is very tonal, with littledissonance, but still with a somewhat modern sound. The music seems a bit Mahleresque. Itis the composer’s first real attempt to reach a mass audience, and it was very popular athome and abroad.