One of Hilbert's original problems, the Riemann hypothesis, ..

Galetto,  (2014)[abstract:]

Riemann Hypothesis: Nigerian professor speaks out - …

The proof is so simple that we suspect that there could be an error thatwe are unable to find."

, , 23 September 2013"Yessenbek Ushtenov, a mechanical engineer from Saryagash town, Kazakhstan, claims to to have solved one of the seven problems of the millennium, the Riemann hypothesis, Alau-Kazakhstan public-political magazine writes..."


Pozdnyakov,  (03/2012)[abstract:] "An equivalent formulation of the Riemann hypothesis is given.

The Riemann Hypothesis is one of the CMI's seven Millennium Problems…

Deninger'sapproach to the RH and a talk of his which "gave...the impression that a proof of the Riemann hypothesis is just around the corner..."
his "proof" of the Riemann Hypothesis"...explains the mathematical motivation forhis Riemann Hypothesis proof and reveals that he proved the Bieberbach conjecture sothat he could get funding to work on the Riemann Hypothesis."In June 2004, Louis de Branges of the .

We also discuss whether the proof strategy in this paper has any promise for proving that the Riemann Hypothesis is also unprovable."
"Gödel's result was a major body blow to mathematicians everywhere.

proposed (dis)proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis ..

Zerbini, (abstract) "We comment on some apparently weak points in the novel strategies recently developed by various authors aiming at a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

We'll discuss the Riemann hypothesis, other Millenium problems, ..

By constructing a continuous family of scaling-like operators involvingthe Gauss-Jacobi theta series, and by invoking a novel CT-invariantQuantum Mechanics, involving a judicious charge conjugation $C$and time reversal $T$ operation, we show why the Riemann Hypothesis is true."This follows earlier attempts:C.

Problems: P vs NP Problem; Riemann Hypothesis;

Aizenberg, (12/2007)[abstract:] "We present an elementary, short and simple proof of the validity of the Lindelöf hypothesis about the Riemann zeta-function.

Significance of the 7 Millennium Prize Problems? : math

Müller's comments on why this 'proof' is flawed.]

Xian-Shun Luo, (12/2008) [abstract:] "In this paper we will give a simple proof of Riemann Hypothesis, considered to be one of the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics, related to inverse scattering problem and radom matrices.

The Riemann Hypothesis-Millennium Prize Problem - …

Elhadj, (09/2012)[abstract:] "In this paper, a positive answer to the Riemann hypothesis is given by using a new result that predict the exact location of zeros of the alternating zeta function on the critical strip."


the Riemann’s zeta function and solving Riemann Problem-Millennium …

A proof then of the Riemann hypothesis is obtained with a set of algebraic paradoxes that unmanageably occur for the single incident of any non-trivial real part greater or less than a rational one half."