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Sample Prayer Before Start Of Thesis Defense

And concerning the education and upbringing of one’s children,The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed the following words to Sister Mary of Agreda: “Itis an act of justice due to the eternal God that the creature coming to the useof reason, direct its very first movement toward God. By knowing, it shouldbegin to love Him, reverence Him and adore Him as its Creator and only trueLord. The parents are naturally bound to instruct their children from theirinfancy in this knowledge of God and to direct them with solicitous care, sothat they may at once see their ultimate end and seek it in their first acts ofthe intellect and will. They should with great watchfulness withdraw them fromthe childishness and puerile trickishness to which depraved nature will inclinethem if left without direction. If the fathers and mothers would be solicitousto prevent these vanities and perverted habits of their children and wouldinstruct them from their infancy in the knowledge of their God and Creator,then they would afterwards easily accustom them to know and adore Him. My holymother [St. Anne], who knew not of my wisdom and real condition, was mostsolicitously beforehand in this matter, for when she bore me in her womb, sheadored in my name the Creator and offered worship and thanks for his havingcreated me, beseeching Him to defend me and bring me forth to the light of dayfrom the condition in which I then was. So also parents should pray with fervorto God, that the souls of their children, through his Providence, may obtainBaptism and be freed from the servitude of original sin. And if the rationalcreature has not known and adored the Creator from the first dawn of reason, itshould do this as soon as it obtains knowledge of the essential God by thelight of faith. From that very moment the soul must exert itself never to loseHim from her sight, always fearing Him, loving Him, and reverencing Him.” (From, The Divine History and Life of The VirginMother of God, Book 1, Chapter 6)

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Prayer before thesis oral defense..

It is described in how God, when Hespoke to Moses and told him to tell the Jewish people that He wanted them to “beto Me a priestly kingdom, and a holy nation”, that God wanted all of the Jews(married as well as unmarried) to practice one specific virtue for three daysbefore they were able to meet Him and enter into a covenant and union with Himand receive the Ten Commandments; and that virtue was chastity: “(Exodus 19:15)

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This means, according to the teaching of the Church, thatspouses must actively think about the fact that they are performing the maritalact for the sake of begetting children before they perform every single maritalact, while also desiring to beget children for the love and glory of God. TheHoly Bible even gives spouses a good example of a short prayer to use beforethey perform the marital act: “ (Tobias 8:9)

His reference to  more severe penalties impliesthat ecclesiastical authority had condemned the practice long before the sixthcentury.
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Sample Prayer Before Thesis Defense

It is very good to pray three Our Father and three Hail Maryprayers before confession, asking the Blessed Mother specifically for theassistance to make a good confession. The Act of Contrition prayer should ofcourse be prayed as well daily and often. This short prayer – or a variation ofit – is highly recommended:


Pope Pius XI (# 3), On theRosary, 1937: “Thus the Faithful of every age, both in public misfortune and inprivate need, turn in supplication to Mary, the benignant, so that she may cometo their aid and grant help and remedy against sorrows of body and soul. And neverwas her most powerful aid hoped for in vain by those who besought it with piousand trustful prayer…We beseech God through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin,so acceptable to Him, since, to use the words of St. Bernard: "Such is thewill of God, who has wished that we should have all things through Mary."(Sermon on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.)… From it, the young willdraw fresh energy with which to control the rebellious tendencies to evil andto preserve intact the stainless purity of the soul; also in it, the old willagain find repose, relief and peace from their anxious cares. To those whodevote themselves to Catholic Action may it be a spur to impel them to a morefervent and active work of apostolate; and to all those who suffer in any way,especially the dying, may it bring comfort and increase the hope of eternalhappiness. The fathers and mothers of families particularly must give anexample to their children, especially when, at sunset, they gather togetherafter the day’s work, within the domestic walls, and recite the Holy Rosary onbended knees before the image of the Virgin, together fusing voice, faith andsentiment. This is a beautiful and salutary custom, from which certainly therecannot but be derived tranquility and abundance of heavenly gifts for thehousehold. When very frequently We receive newly married couples in audienceand address paternal words to them, We give them rosaries, We recommend theseto them earnestly, and We exhort them, citing Our own example, not to let evenone day pass without saying the Rosary, no matter how burdened they may be withmany cares and labors.”

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From this biblical example alone in it is easy to see for an honest person who does not love his flesh and thesensuality of the world just how much God loves and appreciates that men andwomen practice the virtue of chastity. This example from Holy Scripture alsoshows us that God wants even married people to practice chastity. In truth, wesee that God Himself classifies the act of observing chastity for a while foreven the married as a part of becoming and worthy to appearbefore Him according to the words in the Holy Bible,contrary to whatmany lustful people now teach. Chastity is simply in a class of its own whencompared to most of the other virtues, but too few people in the world care foror appreciate the inestimable graces that are received by people who practicechastity. It is undoubtedly so that a refusal to practice chastity, whetherinside or outside of marriage, is one of the greatest causes of why most peopleare damned to burn in Hell for all eternity. This truth was also revealed to usby Our Lady of Fatima, who said: “