Black Lynchings: The Power Threat Hypothesis Revisited

The Riemann Hypothesis has profound implications for many problems in number theory.

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And once again, because in the very dynamics of understanding these two aspects (quantitative and qualitative) are indissolubly linked, the Riemann Hypothesis - when correctly interpreted - necessarily relates to both aspects.

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So, when appropriately interpreted in holistic mathematical terms, the Riemann Zeta Function (and Hypothesis) has a remarkable relevance for the precise qualitative understanding of certain psycho-spiritual dynamics at the most advanced levels of human development (which complements corresponding understanding of quantum physical interactions at the sub-atomic levels of matter).

And, because this very reconciliation constitutes the inherent nature of primes (both in terms of quantitative behaviour and qualitative understanding) the Riemann Hypothesis is thereby axiomatically true.

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For example if we identify the first prime four numbers as 2, 3, 5 and 7 respectively implicit in this recognition is an ordinal natural number ranking system of 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Black Lynchings: The Power Threat Hypothesis Revisited.

Indeed this realisation of the intimate connection, as between prime numbers and the behaviour of quantum particles, has now come to be recognised in a dramatic fashion through the search for a solution to the Riemann Hypothesis.

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[6]The significance of this is that the (with which the Riemann Hypothesis is intimately linked) employs complex dimensions and generates many results that have no strict meaning in quantitative terms.

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But elite theory puts far less emphasis on classes or class conflict than is necessary to fully understand power in the United States. It therefore does not fully appreciate the degree to which corporate-based owners and managers dominate other institutionally based elites in the United States. For example, most elected officials within the political elite are dependent upon wealthy families and corporate leaders for their initial financial support, and military leaders are appointed by the civilians who win control of the executive branch. Nor does elite theory emphasize the class bias that is built into the policy-planning network and other non-profit organizations in the United States, which makes the leaders and experts within those organizations secondary to the leaders in the corporate community.

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AB: That doesn’t surprise me, coming from you. I know that Mélenchon’s appearance as an activist force has brought together a part of the youth and also interested a certain number of workers. I will wait and see. I will not cast the first stone. I will wait and see if it brings real fruits, and whether that contributes to regenerating the communist hypothesis and making it once again possible for this hypothesis to have its own independent organisation, its own popular force.

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AB: My intention is not at all to consider Mélenchon an enemy. My experience is that when there has been some phase of crisis in social democracy, with the emergence of a more ideologised, more active fringe, this has always been a matrix for the resurgence of the communist hypothesis. Even Lenin came from splits in social democracy. That said, Mélenchon, a man who identifies with François Mitterrand, is not my cup of tea.