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Recipe for Homemade Powdery Mildew Spray:With ingredients most of us have in our kitchens.

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Neem oil, produced from the seeds of the Indian neem tree, is a well known wonder product for plants. Naturally fungicidal, weekly application of neem oil will take care of most powdery mildew problems.

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To much surprise, Onyx Killer effectively wiped out nearly all of the powdery mildew on that jumbo sativa, with the harvested flowers clean while reeking like a skunk.

The uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are enough to write a book about. Many of us know people who drink, brush their teeth and bathe with the stuff. Relating to powdery mildew, the acetic acid contained in vinegar will help rid your plants of the infection. Spray two to three times a week for maximum effectiveness, making sure to cover the leaves fully.

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Milk, has also been proven to help remedy powdery mildew – but beware, do not spray budding plants with milk, as the proteins will create an easy environment for blue/black mold or botrytis to grow. Furthermore, potassium bicarbonate is beneficial in fighting other mildews, rusts, and molds.

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Proper site selection is imperative in controlling powdery mildew. Start with a site where vines are exposed to sun all day since this pathogen thrives in low, diffuse light. Choosing resistant varieties, such as Frontenac and Frontenac gris, is also important in reducing the impact of powdery mildew. The most efficient way to control powdery mildew is the use of good cultural practices. Utilize pruning and training systems to improve air circulation which promotes rapid leaf drying. This will help reduce the high relative humidity the pathogen needs to infect the plant. Shoot positioning and summer pruning will also help with full spray coverage and canopy penetration.

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Professionals have had better results controlling powdery mildew with neem oil compared to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in controlled side-by-side studies. While normal doses won’t completely eradicate powdery mildew from mature infected plants, regular spraying will clean off the mildew, keeping it at bay. If neem oil is sprayed before plants have powdery mildew, you may rest assured they will not be easily infected with PM.

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Transpiration in rust and powdery mildew infected tissues usually follows the pattern of stomatal behaviour, decreasing in the light and increasing in the dark (Walters, 1985). Rust fungi enter their hosts through stomatal pores, develop mainly in the intercellular spaces of the leaf and inhibit stomatal movements progressively until eventually the stomata became fixed in an almost closed position (Duniway et al., 1971). However, with rust fungi, once fungal sporulation has ruptured the cuticle, non-stomatal transpiration increases and becomes the significant factor (Johnson et al., 1934, 1940 and Murphy, 1935).

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Uncinula necator, the cause of Powdery Mildew, overwinters in Minnesota as cleistothecia, fruiting bodies, in bark crevices on the grape vine. In the spring cleistothecia discharge ascospores, airborne spores, when they receive an average of 0.10 inch of rain and an air temperature of 50ºF. The ascospores are discharged within 4-8 hours of the rainfall and are carried by wind to any green surface of the growing vine.