Potato Battery Hypothesis; Explore

The russet potato did not light the LED light or the light bulb.Red Potato

Shedding Some Light on the Potato Battery!: Conclusion

We have learned all about circuits today! We learned how they are made, what they are made of and how a current flows. We even learned how to make a potato into a battery! No matter how big or how small a circuit is, it still needs the main three parts we learned about: source, path and load. In our examples: the source was the battery, the paths were the wires and the load was the light bulb.

Unfortunately the red potato did not light the LED light or the light bulb.

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According to , “Potatoes in general do not store electricity.” In my research I read information about potatoes being used as batteries to power clocks.

Brianna Hall (3rd grade) took third place for her science project – The best potato battery.

By: Rhylie Collins Hypothesis: If 16 potato batteries are connected in
a series, the re-chargeable batteries in the
battery charger will be partially charged
within 2 hours because the potato batteries
will send a weak electric charge to the
charger than to the re-chargeable batteries.

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