Post-Workout Nutrition: What to Eat After a Workout

What about creatine? Should this be taken on the second post workout feeding instead of the first?

Your post-workout meal is the most important meal of the day

I wanted to know if i can add a bit of coconut oil or some flax oil to the post recovery protein shake i make for my husbands workout . Or does fat hinder the fat loss muscle gain ? Thanks

Or to what I’m talking about in this article which is the immediate post-workout intake.

Hey Chad, Ori talks about the post work out meal

CW: If you need to lose fat and build muscle, have only protein in the two feedings. If you don’t care about fat loss, have raisins in your second post-workout feeding.

If a distinct post-workout meal is indicated by your training needs, my suggestion is a vegetable juice or smoothie mixed with hemp and pea protein.

What is much more important for recovery from and adaptation to exercise is the composition of your diet at large, as well as the refraining from exercise in a significantly fasted state.

Of course, one's hormonal atmosphere has a huge influence on muscle protein synthesis, so we can't look at exercise recovery as something that exists in a vacuum of amino acid availability and insulin concentrations [3].

What would be a good post workout shake that I could make I’m 54 starting to Accumulate me fat around the gut

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In a in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine, Schoenfeld and co-author Alan Aragon showed that the window actually lasts from four to six hours. “Protein synthesis peaks within that time period, but your body remains sensitized to protein for 24 hours,” says Schoenfeld. That’s why total daily consumption is just as important as specific nutrient timing, and why you don’t have to stress if you forget to drink a protein shake immediately after a workout. As long as you consume it within a reasonable amount of time after your last rep, you’re good.

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Because high cortisol causes muscle to break down, it is necessary to lower levels as quickly as possible following a workout. Eating fast-absorbing whey protein and carbohydrate (sugar) within 30 minutes of exercise is the best way to do this (1). During this time blood flow to muscle is still high, resulting in quick delivery of nutrients (2). The body senses repletion of these nutrients and rapidly changes from a state of breakdown to a state of rebuilding and replenishment. This is the main goal of post-workout nutrition. By eating protein along with a source of carbohydrate directly after exercise, cortisol and muscle breakdown stops and muscle growth, recovery, and glycogen repletion starts (1,3).

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Depending on what type of training you’re doing, you may also find that during and post-workout nutrition is also beneficial. The length of the workout, type of workout, etc. all go into this determination.

Post-Workout: When and What To Drink

Eating carbohydrate after exercising is also important, as it will rapidly lower cortisol while refilling the glycogen tank. Not only is the body sensitive to protein after exercise, but it’s also sensitive to carbohydrate (3). The post-workout period is the perfect opportunity to refuel.