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The �NDLTD: Authority Linking Proposal� [] identifies several goals for a Linked Authority File (LAF) system to support this requirement:

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In terms of copyright, a significant issue is whether to allow the electronic document to be viewed worldwide, on campus only, or not at all. The �mixed� case, which is a unique capability of electronic documents, occurs when some portions (e.g., particular chapters or multimedia files) have restricted access while others are more widely available. The majority of Virginia Tech students allow their documents to be viewable worldwide (see Figure 1) - but some initially choose not to grant worldwide access in order to protect their publication rights. To address this concern, there are ongoing discussions with publishers to help them understand the goals and benefits of NDLTD []. We are pleased to see a change in attitude by some publishers over the course of the project. The American Chemical Society developed a policy more favorable to NDLTD as a result of lengthy discussions and the American Physics Society has been receptive to issues concerning the Open Archives Initiative and NDLTD.

The DART-Europe Portal does not store theses, but it provides a link to at least one electronic copy of every thesis listed in its database.

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Complementarity: mentoring sessions will not cover English language skills (), proof reading of the thesis, or research topic-specific discussion. The mentor you are matched with will be purposefully outside your subject area in order that the partnership can focus on your writing habits, behaviours and blocks, not your research data or analysis. In this way, the programme aims to complement the role of your supervisor and of other specilist support services.

Commitment: Mentoring is an active process, and requires mentees to manage their committments in order to make time to meet and reflect. Making the committment to meet your mentor and work together is vital to success and positive outcomes, only researchers who understand and agree to this condition can be accepted onto the programme.

Data: This is a 'research-led' programme, which means that evaluation data will be formally collected and analysed. Data are used to make programme improvements, and to inform planning and development of educational programmes and services for doctoral students. Data is always aggregated and anonymised, individuals will not be identifiable.

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These statistics do not take into account scanned theses and dissertations, which make up a substantial portion of the total NDLTD collection. There are 26 scanned documents at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, 150 at the University of South Florida, 5,581 at MIT, and 12,000 at the National Documentation Center in Greece. These result in a total of 17,763 scanned theses and dissertations at these institutions, and quite conceivably thousands of unreported ones at other institutions.

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Management of student data including their personal particulars is an important area in any school administration. Usually, the personal particulars are collected during enrollment process. Apart from the manual system, there exists no specific model to guide the enrollment. The traditional manual student registration system place a heavy burden towards school administrators especially the class teachers. The management of student records already input stresses top level school managers. This project identifies and proposes a model in enrolling students to Malaysian government secondary school that allows the sharing of responsibilities among top school management, administrators, and students. The key to this redistribution of burdens and responsibilities is the web-based technologies.