Porphyrin and Heme Synthesis and Bilirubin Metabolism

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Meso-[5-((4–hydroxosalicylideneamino-2-(N, N-dimethylamino)ethanecopper(II)) phenoxo) - 10, 15, 20-tri (4-methylphenyl) porphyrinato] vanadyl (II) (VII): Compound VII was synthesized using a similar procedure described for VI except that III (0.5 g, 0.7 mmol) was used instead of II. Pure VII was obtained by column chromatography on basic alumina using hexane and chloroform as eluant in the ratio of 4:6. The Rf value on an alumina-coated plate was found to be 0.5. Yield 0.069 g (10%). IR (KBr): 3425, 2925, 2853 and 1652 cm-1.


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Since on coordination of V to the periphery of any metalloporphyrin resulting in a planar geometry hence the oxidation and reduction processes becomes difficult than in V. On the other hand, the oxidation and reduction of porphyrin ring seems to be easier in the complexes than the corresponding precursor was possibly due to increased distortion of the porphyrin ring on periphery coordination.

EPR studies: The EPR spectra of polycrystalline powder of all the metalloporphyrins at room temperature showed featureless broad lines. Similarly, the solution spectrum in ethanol or dichloromethane at room temperature showed isotropic g and A values. As expected the EPR spectra at 77K exhibited an anisotropic EPR spectra typical of copper(II) centers with well determined hyperfine lines arising due to interaction between delocalized π electrons and the nuclear spin ICu=3/2. The value obtained by simulated spectra was given in Table 2.

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Heme Synthesis : Synthesis of Porphyrin Molecule

*P = Porphyrin; a: redox potentials are measured with 1mM TBAP as supporting electrolyte in a three electrode system with 2mm pt disc as working electrode. All potentials are with respect to SCE (0.24 V)

Heme Synthesis : This is the Synthesis of Porphyrin molecule

UV-Visible studies: The electronic absorption spectra of II, III and IV reveal transitions in the expected lines 2. On coordination with V at the peripheral site, the Soret band maximum of VI, VII and VIII showed a red shift with respect to metalloporphyrins. Similarly, the Q band absorption energy was also found to shift slightly towards lower energy with increased broadness, which is due to meso-position perturbation of the porphyrin ring.16 The coordination of copper at the periphery in the complexes VI, VII and VIII was clearly depicted by the increased intensity in the region greater than 550 nm which arises due to the overlap of ligand field transition of copper in CuL units with the strong Q band of metalloporphyrins. Since, the electronic transitions of the individual units in VI, VII and VIII neither showed any major change nor new transitions were observed, it was clear that the electronic interactions between porphyrin ring and CuL units were negligible. The electronic absorption data are given Table 1 and the spectrum is given in Fig. 1.

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AB - We prepared bifunctional MgII porphyrin catalysts 1 for the solvent-free synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and CO2. The activities of 1d, 1h, and 1i, which have Br-, Cl-, and I- counteranions, respectively, increased in the order 1i

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Meso-[5-((4–hydroxosalicylideneamino-2-(N, N-dimethylamino) ethanecopper(II)) phenoxo) -10, 15,20-tri(4-methylphenyl)porphyrinato] nickel (II)(VIII): Compound VIII was prepared by adapting a parallel procedure described for VI except that IV (0.5 g, 0.7 mmol) was used instead of II. Pure VIII was obtained by column chromatography on basic alumina using hexane and chloroform as eluant in the ratio of 4:6. The Rf value on an alumina-coated plate was found to be 0.5. Yield 0.14 g (20%). IR (KBr): 3436, 2925, 2853 and 1650 cm-1; FAB-MS, m/z: calculated for C62H61N6O6CuNiCl2: 1249; found: 1249, [M]+.