the middle ear cavity (arrowhead)

Picture of Ossicular chain reconstruction with PORP (Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis)

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This prospective cohort study aims to analyze and compare the outcomes of ossiculoplasty in terms of hearing results, intra and post operative course, using autograft incus and titanium middle ear prosthesis.

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A true union between hydroxyapatite and middle ear ossicular bone may occur, but it is much more common for the prosthesis to become stable because of a fibrous capsule that forms around the prosthesis and surrounding tissue.

Patients with a history of chronic ear discharge and conductive deafness were included in the study. Out of 21 patients with ossicular chain defect included in the study, 10 patients underwent ossiculoplasty with autograft incus and 11 with titanium prosthesis. Pure tone audiogram was done after three months.