Maleic acid polymer, 50% solution in water

Aqueous Polymerization of Maleic Acid and Cross …

Aqueous Polymerization of Maleic Acid and Cross ..

Hydrolyzed polymaleic acid wassynthesized by catalysts of mixed transition metal ion, and initiated by hydrogen peroxide. The catalysts and the initiator in this method are easy to access, lower consumption, and lower cost. The industrial products have the better antiscaling ability.

Aqueous Polymerization of Maleic Acid and Cross-Linking of Cotton Cellulose by ..

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Polyacrylic acid is a large-molecular-weight compound called a polymer, which consists of small repeating units called monomers. The polyacrylate polymer used in diapers is constructed from the acrylic acid and sodium acrylate monomers. The length of the polymer chain and the properties of the polymer may be changed by varying the reaction conditions. The reaction conditions can affect the the length of the chains and can change the characteristics of the polymer. The polyacrylate is dried and formed into microparticles of irregular shape that are stable for extended periods. The particles quickly swell and absorb water, urine, or other aqueous solutions.

Synthesis and characterization of maleic acid polymer …

Maleic acid is not very important economically, since the anhydride is easier to use. It is employed in the manufacture of phthalic-type alkyd and polyester resins, surface coatings, copolymers, plasticizers, lubricant additives and agricultural chemicals; in adhesives and sealants; as a preservative for oils and fats; organic synthesis; dyeing and finishing wool, cotton and silk; and preparing the maleate salts of antihistamines and similar drugs.

Patent US4709091 - Production of polymaleic acid - …