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The following academic qualifications are required for admission to the master’s degree program:

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Below you will find more information about various aspects of the master's program:

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The MS degree in law and justice is designed to serve two distinct groups: (1) those in a law and justice field with professional experience and (2) those without professional experience who aspire to a law and justice career or doctoral work. The program offers two options, both of which are 60 credits. Of these 60 credits, 25 credits are in the core courses (5 mandatory courses) and another 30 are from seminar electives. Option A is geared towards the working professional; it entails taking 55 credits worth of courses plus a five credit capstone course where the final culminating experience is a written exam with an oral defense. This option is aimed at those who are already working in a law and justice career and are looking for advancement, or those who are looking for a career in criminal justice. Option B also includes 55 credits of courses but has a thesis or research project as the culminating experience. This option is primarily for those interested in continuing on and doing doctoral work.

Another area of focus is political sociology – for example, the study of changes in political and social attitudes and analyses of the voting behavior of citizens in democracies. Additional topics addressed in the widely diverse program include political parties, interest groups, economic, social and environmental policies,
political communication, international relations and the fundamentals of political theory.

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This program in the Institute of Political Science also addresses issues related to democratic systems and the characteristics and effects of direct democracy.

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A master’s degree in political science from The University of Texas at Tyler is excellent preparation for teaching at a junior college level or for pursuing a doctoral program in political science. Since the study of political science builds on analytical thinking and research skills, students develop competencies essential to a range of careers from journalism and international relations to law and politics.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for political scientists are expected to grow at a rate of 21% through 2018.

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In the thesis option, 24 graded course credits are required in addition to six ungraded research credits. The ungraded research hours should be spent preparing the Master of Arts proposal and the thesis itself. Three of the ungraded credits will be completed as part of an ungraded seminar in the fall of the second year on how to write a major research paper.

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The Master program consists of a major with 90 ECTS credits and a minor with 30 ECTS credits. The program should be completed in four semesters. Further information is available at .