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Cousins AB, Baroli I, Badger MR, Ivakov A, Lea PJ, Leegood RC, von Caemmerer S. 2007. The role of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase during C4 photosynthetic isotope exchange and stomatal conductance. Plant Physiology 145: 1006–1017.

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Melatonin is an important hormone and signalling molecule in all forms of life including humans, plants and bacteria. Recent plant physiology and genomic experiments have described the redirection of plant growth and metabolism, and demonstrated a diversity of genes involved in response to melatonin, however, the exact metabolic cascades that translate melatonin signals into physiological responses is not fully understood. This review provides an overview of melatonin mediated signalling manifested as behaviours and its roles in basic and industrial research.

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Baroli I, Price D, Badger MR, von Caemmerer S. 2008. The contribution of photosynthesis to the red light response of stomatal conductance Plant Physiology 146: 737–747.

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Environmental stresses are main causes for low agricultural productivity. At the cellular level, stresses induce generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), ion disequilibrium, autophagy and programmed cell death (PCD). Here we propose that these processes interact and that ROS and ion disequilibrium are triggers of autophagy and PCD. Overall, presented data contribute to understanding plant stress physiology.

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The electrophysiological response pattern of cell can be assessed to evaluate the effect of many biologically active compounds. We illustrate a variety of electrophysiological approaches for the investigations of electrical signaling after chemical treatment . The insights about the Characean model system are likely to hold for plants in general and even deepen the understanding of the plant evolution.

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Signalling is a central phenomenon in biology. It is crucial to all aspects of plant physiology including growth, development and interactions with the environment. Here, novel hypotheses and experimental data regarding signalling hubs, second messengers, programmed cell death and autophagy are presented from the Fourth Plant Signalling and Behaviour Symposium in Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 2016).


Messinger SM, Buckley TN, Mott KA. 2006. Evidence for involvement of photosynthetic processes in the stomatal response to CO2. Plant Physiology 140: 771–778.

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Outlaw WH Jr., De Vleighere–He X. 2001. Transpiration rate: An importance factor in controlling sucrose content of the guard cell apoplast of broad bean. Plant Physiology 126: 1717–51724.