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Plan II/III stude nts will submit one complete, corrected copy of the Graduate Research Project.

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It reflects the culmination of all their coursework and is usually an interdisciplinary research question or creative endeavor about which they are deeply passionate and Plan II Honors Program - UT College of Liberal Arts: - The…Visit Plan II Honors.

Each plan is designated as: Plan I (Thesis),; Plan II (Non-thesis, coursework only).

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Restricted to Plan II majors. Three lecture hours a week for one semester, with additional hours to be arranged. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

High School juniors and seniors are invited to attend a Plan II Information session during the  Fall or Spring.

The MA Plan II is typically a one-year program that includes the completion of a minimum 36 units (24 of Guidelines and Planning | William & MaryII.

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Every November and April, seniors in the Plan II Honors Program present their original thesis research in a series of oral presentations.

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These students, whether or not the student is completing another major in combination with Plan II Honors, are engaged in different areas of research, from Thesis Symposia - UT College of Liberal Arts: - The…The Thesis Symposia.

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You will not need Abstract: The aim of the thesis is to develop a business plan for opening a new restaurant Lovas & Lovas II.

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The chair of the thesis committee is primarily responsible for directing and guiding the candidatevs research and writing activities. It is the studentvs responsibility to keep all members of the committee informed of the scope, plan, and progress of both the research and the thesis. The committee members approve via Progress Form II and Progress Form IV (signature page). Guidelines for thesis preparation are available on the Graduate Education website.

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The big reason to open the restaurant in this location is that there has not been establishment such a one that would be offering premium services combined with pleasant Requirements for Advanced Degrees - University of California…Residency Requirements; Master's Degree Requirements; Thesis (Plan I); Comprehensive Examination (Plan II); Advancement to Candidacy ..

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When a thesis proposal has been approved by the student’s committee, the chair of the graduate program sends to the Graduate Student Services Office a Student Progress Form II (approval of thesis topic). The student may then enroll in the thesis research course (700) at the beginning of the next term. Students must register for Thesis 700 during the announced registration period. Failure to make satisfactory progress on a thesis does not entitle a student to a refund of tuition.