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The possibility of infection should be excluded by tests before any revision knee replacement surgery is performed. These tests include blood tests (inflammatory markers), x-rays, possibly a bone scan and often a biopsy of the tissues around the knee replacement.

Had total knee replacement and now have Patellofemoral Clunk. What causes this and how can it be corrected?

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Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is a very successful treatment for end-stage degeneration of the knee joint; almost 60,000 TKRs are performed in the UK each year.

My grandmother just went for a knee and hip replacement last week. Any special recommendations to take care of for quick recovery?

Despite technological advances and our increased understanding of knee replacement surgery, between 5-10% of knee replacements will fail and require revision within 10 years.

Current studies show that cemented knee replacements are a better method of fixation, in terms of long-term survival, than uncemented systems.

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The most common cause of knee replacement failure is aseptic loosening due to implant wear, although other factors such as infection, trauma and metal sensitivity can all result in the need for revision surgery.

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The query still remains that if both designs have been in the market for so many years, one of them would have rationally dominated over the other by providing better results, or the cheaper, or easier-to-use product would have prevailed. More and more studies support that a PCLS implant may have better outcomes than a PCLR one. However, these advantages have yet to be proved great in clinical terms. Orthopaedic surgeons should still use the prosthesis with which they have more experience with and which most consistently provides good results for their patients. All clinical and meta-analysis studies so far have revealed that even after four decades of research, more high-quality, randomized controlled studies needed that report comparable data on clinical aspects of knee replacements such as stair-climbing ability, stability, proprioception and pain relief. Only then there can be a clear statement about which prosthesis is clearly superior to the other and better for a patient’s knee.

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Trauma, such as a fall that causes a fracture of the femur or tibia around a knee replacement, can result in failure of the TKR. Often the fracture can be fixed and the knee replacement left in place, but occasionally revision knee replacement is necessary (see picture).

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Other studies analysing models from different companies have also shown excellent results. Bistolfi et al.[] followed 179 TKAs for an average of 13.5 years where the Press Fit P.F.C implant was applied with cement technique. They observed that the cumulative average survival rate at 15 years (the endpoint being failure with revision) was 90.6% ± 2% standard deviation. Arthur et al.[] on a recent paper studied 171 Sigma Press Fit Condylar total knee replacements. Eight knees (3.4%) were revised, five for infection and three in order to change the polyethylene insert. The survival at 10 years with an endpoint of revision for any reason was found to be 95.9%, and when only a revision for aseptic failure was analysed, it was as high as 98.7%.

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Metal sensitivity has recently been identified as a cause of knee replacement failure; patients who are sensitive to metals (usually nickel) have an unacceptably high rate of failure with knee replacements.