Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Intromental Worldwide.

Large venues and several of them sold out, where Damnations Day won a lot of fans.

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The first observation, and I promise that this will be brief, involves the rapid decomposition of the body of the second conciliar "pontiff" that I discussed in passing sixty-four days ago now.

Each album is a picture of our lives and the way we're experiencing this journey.

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Describing the band today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of such artists as Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Opeth, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Meshuggah, Radiohead, King Crimson and Massive Attack are all present in the music of KINGCROW.

With each release, the band has taken a step further away from their original roots as a classic hard rock/metal band, and is today one of the most personal and exciting bands that Italy has to offer the scene.

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The following thought occurred to me when corresponding with a Catholic writer about the rapid decomposition of Paul VI after his death. The dead body of Paul the Sick, who died on the Feast of the Transfiguration, was, if you think about it, the antithesis of the Transfigured Body of Our Lord on Mount Thabor. Our Lord's Body was glorified in the presence of Saint Peter and the sons of Zebedee, Saints John and James, with the glory that He had with the Father in Heaven from all eternity and that which He manifested after His Resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. The body of the false "pontiff," a man who was doctrinally, philosophically, liturgically and morally corrupt, decomposed quickly all on its own. The best that could be done with the body after the formaldehyde was pumped into it was to turn it into that greenish tint.

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"The finished portrait has been accepted by the Pope. His Holiness described the painting as "a mirror of the situation in the Church today." Earlier, on seeing a working sketch, he made what was probably his closest approach to art criticism. It was gracefully oblique: "One almost needs a new philosophy to grasp the meaning of this in its context."

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Behind a locked door in Vatican City waits a present for Pope Paul VI that may conceivably please its recipient but has already shocked many who have seen photographs of it. The gift is a large (about 71 ft. by 12 ft.) portrait of His Holiness, painted in a semi-abstract mode, in which the Pope's emaciated, suffering face and folded hands are the focus of splintering shafts of light. German Painter Ernst Guenter Hansing, 42, sketched his subject during twelve protracted stays at the Vatican over a period of 21 years. Though he never had a private sitting, he was given a front-row seat at papal ceremonies in which to work. "I wanted more than just a picture of a person," says Hansing, a Lutheran. "I wanted to show the tension-fraught situation of the church, caught in a multiplicity of issues, as reflected in the countenance of the Pope." (. See the Appendix B below for a list of the demonic symbols in this "portrait," which was described to me by one Catholic writer as an exercise in "art realism," that is to say, that it was a true portray of the inner Modernist, Montini. The list was provided me by a reader who was familiar with occult expert Craig Heimbichner's analysis of this portrait.)

thus giving the reader a clear mental picture of the situation.

In rhetoric and grammar, antithesis is the juxtaposition of contrasting.
literary devices antithesis plays on the complementary property of opposites to create one vivid picture.