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Purdue physics professor Yulia Pushkar (left) and postdoctoral researcher Lifen Yan work in Pushkar's laser lab. Pushkar and Yan are part of an international team using spinach to study the proteins involved in photosynthesis. (Purdue University photo/Tim Brouk)

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We should be able to count the number of disks as a representation of the rate of photosynthesis occurring in each experimental setup.The resulting graph from this part of the lab should look similar to this:Note that as we increase the watts from 40 to 150 (in columns 2 through 5) we can see an increase in the rate of photosynthesis.

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In this experiment, you will test the effects of colors of light on photosynthesis in sections of spinach leaves.This part of the experiment is very similar to the varying wattage exercise - except this time we're changing the wavelength of the light entering the Petri dishes instead of the intensity.

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