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This diagram is proof that sunlight (input 1) and H2O (input 2) are more important than CO2 (input 3) but each ingredient is considered a limiting factor to maximum photosynthetic productivity (it goes without saying that there is no release of oxygen on short days, cloudy days, or at night).

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If one measures the photosynthesis,or captures the litterfall of leaves, branches, fruit and other plant partsto the forest floor, one finds the production of tropical evergreen foreststo be roughly double that of temperate forests.

Photosynthesis Song. to the tune of “Jingle Bells”. Chorus. Chloroplasts in the leaves are food factories, Taking in the CO 2 and making food to please!

Jun 17, 2014. Professional scientists, children learning the fundamentals of science, and every level in between use experiments to learn more about a. Higher level Topics. A/AS level Section. Experiments to show the factors required in photosynthesis 2 - light and carbon dioxide. These experiments start with destarched potted plants - Geranium Pelargonium is often used. These are then.

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