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Zooplankton in a Canadian Arctic Estuary Primary Production and Photosynthesis

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Several ecological processes potentially contribute to the observed shifts in pH values within the South Slough estuary. These factors and processes include: (1) increased partial pressure of Carbon dioxide gas (pCO2), ocean acidification, and changes in ocean carbonate chemistry; (2) regional shifts in precipitation, freshwater inputs, and salinity; (3) sea level rise and coastal inundation; (4) photosynthesis and respiration by estuarine phytoplankton, benthic algae, seagrasses, and salt marsh plants; and (5) denitrification and sulfate reduction in hypoxic estuarine habitats.

Photosynthesis of the red alga Gracilaria chilensis under natural solar radiation in an estuary in southern Chile

Photosynthesis in Codium fragile (Chlorophyta) from a …

Cu2+andFe2+) have important impact on the photosynthesis in theZhujiang Estuary, with Fe2+to be a more limiting element thanCu2+.

The experimental datafurther suggest that in the turbid region of the Zhujiang Estuary,radiation reduction by suspended materials could be an important issuelimiting photosynthesis, although the eutrophication is quite common incoastal environments of China.