DCMU is a very specific and sensitive inhibitor of photosynthesis ..

Because of these effects, DCMU is often used to study energy flow in photosynthesis.

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DCMU only blocks electron flow from photosystem II, it has no effect on photosystem I or other reactions in photosynthesis, such as light absorption or carbon fixation in the Calvin cycle.

To determine how the chemical DCMU (3(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-demethylurea) affects the light reactions of photosynthesis.

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DCMU (3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea) is an herbicide that inhibits photosynthesis. It was introduced by Bayer in 1954 under the trade name of Diuron.

Photosynthesis was significantly reduced by DCMU whenever PS II was excited, at 662 nm and 662 + 703 nm.

Fv/Fm is a parameter widely used to indicate the maximum quantum efficiency of Photosystem II. This parameter is widely considered to be a sensitive indication of plant photosynthetic performance with healthy samples typically achieving a maximum Fv/Fm value of approx. 0.85. Values lower than this will be observed if a sample has been exposed to some type of biotic or abiotic stress factor which has reduced the capacity for photochemical quenching of energy within PSII. Fv/Fm is presented as a ratio of variable fluorescence (Fv) over the maximum fluorescence value (Fm).


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DCMU is a very specific and sensitive inhibitor of . It blocks the plastoquinone binding site of , disallowing the electron flow from where it is generated, in photosystem , to plastoquinone. This interrupts the photosynthetic electron transport chain in photosynthesis and thus reduces the ability of the plant to turn light energy into chemical (ATP and reductant potential).

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The area above the fluorescence curve between Fo and Fm is proportional to the pool size of the electron acceptors Qa on the reducing side of Photosystem II. If electron transfer from the reaction centres to the quinone pool is blocked such as is the mode of action of the photosynthetically active herbicide DCMU, this area will be dramatically reduced.