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Some of these thylakoids are present in the stacked form and are referred to as grana.

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In normal air at 25°C, photorespiration decreases the efficiency of CO2 assimilation by 40%. This decrease in efficiency results from the use of ATP to phosphorylate glycerate and other costs associated with glycolate processing.

This process is termed as Calvin cycle and comprises a series of chemical reactions.

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The resulting molecules are converted into starch and stored in the chloroplast or transported into the cytosol where they are converted to sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids.

Photorespiration is a process involving , in a light-dependent manner.

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The reaction of RUBISCO with oxygen and metabolic processing of the resulting 2-PG is called "photorespiration". It is called this because it only occurs in the light (mitochondrial respiration continues in darkness) and because it consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, just like mitochondrial respiration. We will consider the two parts of photorespiration separately.

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It is believed that the Calvin cycle evolved early in the history of life on Earth, before the appearance of 2-photosystem, oxygen-evolving photosynthesis in the first cyanobacteria. At that time, the atmosphere of the Earth contained much more carbon dioxide than it does now and very little oxygen.

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