Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration by Zoemar …

 2. Identify the reactants and products in photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

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Thylakoid-membrane bound structure within chloroplasts that contains chlorophyll and other light absorbing pigments used in the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis.
Lets start with photosynthesis
plants use solar energy
make their sugars or their food
their waste product CO

happens all in chloroplast
stage 1 stage 2 all of that
solar energy absorbed
CO build sugars, WOW!

light dependent
sunlight energy absorbed
energy is
carried along the thylakoid

light independent
CO is added, WOW!
Molecule of
simple sugars is formed

Oxygen and CO
and water,carbon, H O
It's all about photsynthesis...
And there's more...
A photosystem is a group
full of many molecules
photosystem 1 and 2
and they pass they membrane too

photosystem 2 does much
with solar energy absorbed
water molecules all split
and hydrogen is transported

and photosystem 1
more energy absorbed again

This is Photosynthesis
and Cell Respiration
all this information
might not seem so clear

but all of this is for a project
this isn't flawless
this is what I have
and all I have
& Cellular Respiration
And this is...
By: Zoemar Lebron :)
And Cellular Respiration...
Chlorophyll, Thylakoid, ETC, Glucose,
Oxygen, Sunlight, Water, H O,

Photosynthesis is all of this
cell respiration and complete
As you can see lets put an
Photosynthesis Video
The connection between the two processes
is that they need each other.

Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis - TeacherTube

The reactants of cellular respiration are glucose (that is provided to animals by the plant-based foods we eat) and oxygen (breathed in from the environment through the respiratory system and carried to cells by the circulatory system), which react to produce the products carbon dioxide and water, which are exhaled back out into the environment. Energy is released by this chemical reaction, which is how cells get energy when mitochondria perform cellular respiration!

waste product is Carbon Dioxide and during
cellular respiration carbon dioxide is everywhere.
We can find carbon molecules in the Kreb Cycle
and basically everywhere.