as well as larger activation energy for photosynthesis

enzymes reduce the activation energy needed to start a reaction by temporarily bonding ..

Enzymes work by increasing the activation energy …

2-1), the net reaction, following equations 2-1 through 2-4 is:

CO2 + 10 photons + H2O = CH2O + 1/2O2.
Figure 2.1 - Schematic representation of mechanisms involved in plant photosynthesis Experimental data indicates that between 8 and 12 photons are required for fixation of one molecule of CO2.

Red LineEnzymes lower the activation energy and allow polysaccharide to be broken down in our bodies without boiling!

Work by lowering the activation energy!

Recent advances in biotechnology have made possible studies on the utilization of biological processes such as photosynthesis for energy production.The use of natural energy involves the control of entropy.

there is a clustering of the determinations of activation energy around ..

These results indicate that rubber saplings acclimated their photosynthetic characteristics in response to growth temperature, and that higher temperatures resulted in an enhanced photosynthetic capacity in the leaves, as well as larger activation energy for photosynthesis.

Activation Energy in Chemical Reactions - מכון דוידסון …