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Strong republican philosophy is evident in the Declaration of Independence.

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These questions are examined in most of the philosophy department's courses, but not all courses examine them in the same way or presuppose the same degree of sophistication. The number of a course is a good guide to its intended level. The 200-level courses are intended for sophomores, 300-level courses for juniors, and 400-level courses for seniors. A qualified student, however, may gain admission to a course of any level by consent of the instructor.

The point of the papers is to teach you how to analyze a philosophical argument, and present your own arguments for or against some conclusion.

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You should get right to the point, with the first sentence.Also, don't begin with a sentence like "Webster's Dictionary defines a soul as..." Dictionaries aren't good philosophical authorities.

Don't begin with a sentence like

When Rodham returned to Wellesley for her senior year and began scouting for a topic for her honors thesis, professor Schechter suggested she look up Alinsky again. She interviewed him in Chicago, in Boston and when he accepted her invitation to visit Wellesley.

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If you have a fairly clear idea of a general topic, you may want to start by reviewing what you learned in the relevant courses that gave rise to this idea. What philosophy readings have most inspired and developed this interest? What papers have you already written that move in this direction? What suggestions have you already received from faculty for further reading? What suggestions have you already received from faculty that would help you to develop your ideas and arguments more fully?

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That is why it is important to think about these questions before you begin to write.I strongly recommend that you make an outline of your paper, and of the arguments you'll be presenting, before you begin to write.

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An Honors Thesis in Philosophy is a piece of writing in the same genre as a typical philosophy journal article. There is no specific length requirement, but 30 pages (double-spaced) is a good guideline. Many examples of successfully defended Honors Theses can be found on a bookshelf on the first floor of Caldwell Hall. (Ask Mariska Leunissen, or anyone else who happens to be handy, to show you where it is.)

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Typically, your defense will be during finals week of the Spring Semester. The defense is a presentation of your thesis to the philosophy faculty and other interested parties (such as faculty and other philosophy majors interested in the student’s topic) during which you are expected to summarize your results and respond to questions about those results and the methods by which they were generated. The philosophy faculty will very likely suggest yet further revisions/refinements. After you submit your final fully polished version of your thesis, the philosophy department will send it off to get it bound, keeping a copy for the philosophy department, and sending you a copy as well.

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Any faculty member on a longer-than-one-year contract in the Department of Philosophy may serve as your honors thesis advisor. It makes most sense to ask a professor who already knows you from having had you as a student in a class. In some cases, though, this is either not possible, or else there is someone on the faculty who is an expert on the topic you want to write about, but from whom you have not taken a class. Information about which faculty members are especially qualified to advise thesis projects in particular areas of philosophy can be found