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In fact universities seem not to publish anything about the purposeof PhDs by publication.

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Any practisingresearcher is likely to generate enough publications for a PhD every fewyears: it doesn't make much sense to award strings of doctorates to the sameperson.

Should he have been eligible for a PhD by publication without furtherwork?

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I therefore hereby applyfor a PhD by publication." Any university that turned this down would layitself open to ridicule on the front pages of newspapers.

Somehow, the pressure of not having a PhD led meto shop around for a PhD by Publication.

Now (in 2012) I realise I should point out that this page discusses the UKretrospective model of PhD by publication: where the candidate has done a lotof research and wants to have their capability as a researcher certified by aPhD.

The point of a PhD by publication, it seems to me, is to give formaluniversity recognition for research to those without any.

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Scandinavian countries have now got a considerable history of a differentmodel, where young researchers do their PhD by accumulating publications withthe purpose of constructing a PhD: the prospective model.