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The following are the areas of research under Mechanical Engineering Department:

Master Thesis In Grid Computing

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Master Thesis Grid Computing - …

PhD Thesis in Cloud Computing Security

The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest and finest Departments in the region. The workshops of the Department contain highly sophisticated machines presenting a unique and unparalleled quality. Various research & development activities undertaken by the Department put the students on busy schedules enabling them to blend to the modern industry requirements.

On establishing an institute of excellence for advanced studies, training and research in mechanical engineering at lead institution IIT Guwahati; NIT Silchar and NERIST Itanagar are the two other participating institutions

Master Thesis In Grid Computing - …

Cloud computing Thesis achieves high interoperability service in cloud environment with low cost. Researchers gain wide knowledge regarding cloud computing environment, problem and applications on cloud computing thesis that was published earlier. Cloud computing Thesis can be submitted by computer science or Information technology Researcher regarding virtual machine migration data protection in cloud computing efficient utilization of energy and resource utilization. In organization sectors cloud computing plays an active role.

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From one user data to other cloud computing is isolated. It is concentrated on network information security, and focused on computer against Malpractices and attackers. Data privacy is maintained. Data and service delivery in cloud must be secure. Encryption process on sensible data is performed in cloud.

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Admission Categories

Regular(RR): Fulltime residential research candidate.

Continuing Doctoral Programme (CDP): This if for the candidates working in industry or as a faculty in any educational institution. In this category the candidate is given advance admission with 90 days of residency requirement in 1st year and on successful completion of 1st year, the admission is confirmed with the expected minimum 2 years of full time residential requirement on campus for completing course work and a major part of thesis work. After 2-years, the candidate may be permitted to go back to parent organization subject to significant progress in thesis work. Subsequently, the candidate is expected to complete at least 2 weeks of residency at the Institute for each semester all through the PhD programme. A certificate in support of the candidature must support the application. Click for more details about the programme.

Financial Support

Students joining the Ph.D. program as regulars (RR) will be considered for Institute Fellowship based on the following norms:

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