Phd Thesis Earthquake Engineering - …

Mr Majd Khador, .PhD candidate, School of Engineering, TheUniversity of Warwick, UK.

Phd thesis earthquake engineering - PC Machinery

Yusefi, R. and Estekanchi, H. E. (2009), "Investigation of seismic behavior of braced steel frames with connection weaknesses (in Persian)", Proceedings of the8th International Congress on Civil Engineering, 11-13 May 2009, Shiraz, Iran, No. 3678, []

, Department of Civil Engineering, TheUniversity of Hong Kong, January 2013

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Polytechnic, Ahmedabad, Gujarat under , on topic “Engineering Mechanics” for Engineering Academicians as CEP short term course from as an activity for the at Gandhinagar, .

Program Outcomes (POs) of the B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering are as follows:

Estekanchi HE, Vafai A and Valamanesh V (2011), "Proposed method for developing code 2800 compliant Endurance Time Method for seismic design and analysis of buildings (in Persian)", Building Engineering and Housing Science, Building and Housing Research Center, Iran, v7, n15, p1-12, []

The following are the areas of research under Mechanical Engineering Department:

Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Ph.D

Rostampour MA, Mahsuli M and Estekanchi HE (2015) "Estimation of probabililistic distribution of seismic response of structures by Endurance Time method" Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development, 29-31 December, 2015, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran []

In the 14th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering that took ..

Estekanchi H.E., Vafai A., Mirzaee A., Mashayekhi M., and A. Nozari (2013) "Recent Advances in Seismic Performance Assessment of Structures by Endurance Time Method" Proceedings of the U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop on Urban Earthquake Engineering, December 18-20, 2012, Tehran, Iran, PEER report 2013/26, p125-135 []

Phd thesis earthquake engineering

Mirjalili A. ,Estekanchi, H. E. and Fakhri M.(2013) "Operation of Tapered Steel Slit Dampers in Steel Structures using the Endurance Time Method", Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing, 3 to 6 September 2013, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, Paper No 49,

Víctor Manuel CRUZ - ATIENZA - UNAM

Vafai, A., H. E. Estekanchi and G. Ghadimi (2000) "The Role of Information Technology in Construction Industry (in Persian)", Iranian Journal of Engineering Education, v1, n4., p23-37 []

Dr Tak-Ming Chan (now Hong Kong Polytechnic ..

Mirzaee, A. and Estekanchi, H. E. (2012) "Advances in Performance Based Design by Endurance Time Method", 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 24 to 28 September, Lisbon, Portugal, Paper No 1066 []

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The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest and finest Departments in the region. The workshops of the Department contain highly sophisticated machines presenting a unique and unparalleled quality. Various research & development activities undertaken by the Department put the students on busy schedules enabling them to blend to the modern industry requirements.