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Peter Singer provides striking examples to show the reader how realistic his arguments are.

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Australian philosopher Peter Singer says that where world poverty is concerned 'giving to charity' is neither charitable nor generous; it is no more than our duty and not giving would be wrong.

Peter Singer is trying to get us to open our eyes and hopefully we will donate money to the needy.

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J.S. Mill’s Utilitarianism. Since the contemporary philosophy Peter Singer is also a utilitarian, you may use Mill to develop your essay. Just be sure to properly reference. [also, be sure to list the articles you use at the end of your post]

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Not only are Singer's philosophical interests confined largely to the fields of ethics and politics, but even within those fields he's almost solely interested in practical problems such as abortion, euthanasia, and our treatment of animals. Despite this (or, perhaps, because of it), he's one of the best-known of modern philosophers, and certainly the most controversial. His greatest influence has been in the field of animal ethics.

Peter Singer who wrote Animal Liberation gave valid points in my opinion because animals do have a right to live and we should give them their space.

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I will agree with Singers concepts on animals because they have a right to live a peaceful life like humans; they have a life ahead of them once they are born....

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The thought behind this reply to Taylor's analogy is correct up to a point, but it does not go far enough. There are important differences between humans and other animals, and these differences must give rise to some differences in the rights that each have. Recognizing this obvious fact, however, is no barrier to the case for extending the basic principle of equality to nonhuman animals. The differences that exist between men and women are equally undeniable, and the supporters of Women's Liberation are aware that these differences may give rise to different rights. Many feminists hold that women have the right to an abortion on request. It does not follow that since these same people are campaigning for equality between men and women they must support the right of men to have abortions too. Since a man cannot have an abortion, it is meaningless to talk of his right to have one. Since a pig can't vote, it is meaningless to talk of its right to vote. There is no reason why either Women's Liberation or Animal Liberation should get involved in such nonsense. The extension of the basic principle of equality from one group to another does not imply that we must treat both groups in exactly the same way, or grant exactly the same rights to both groups. Whether we should do so will depend on the nature of the members of the two groups. The basic principle of equality, I shall argue, is equality of consideration; and equal consideration for different beings may lead to different treatment and different rights.