Solid-Phase synthesis of protected peptide

(1990) Prediction of difficult sequences in solid phase peptide synthesis.
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Buchiglas - Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Equipment (SPPS)

In peptide synthesis diketopiperazine formation is a notorious side-reaction at the dipeptide stage and is particularly prone to occur in Fmoc based SPPS because of its mechanism.

Solid phase synthesis.
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Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), C-terminal vs. …

Also small scale manual SPPS as well as multiple peptide synthesis and the synthesis of pep- tide libraries can be performed very rapidly and conveniently with preformed active esters. Fmoc-AA-ONp and Fmoc-AA-OSu have found only restricted application in SPPS.

Solid phase peptide synthesis.
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John D. Wade and Yuji Nishiuchi
Co-Chairs 6th Modern Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis & Its Applications Symposium

Solid-phase synthesis
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