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CanPeptide provides extensive experience in custom peptide synthesis and analytical chemistry

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During recent years, there has been increased progress in therapeutic uses of Canadian peptide synthesis services. This is perhaps due to the high affinity and huge versatility for their targets. To augment the drugability of most these fast clearing and usually unstable molecules, there is great need for chemical adjustments.

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Luckily, there is appropriate technology which biologists can use to come up with chemically engineered peptides – a solidphase (SPPS). The most commonly used approach is the application of SPPS by Fmoc/t-Bu protecting group. Here, experts of peptide synthesis Canada explore critical suggestions and issues. For example, they discuss the formation of automated approaches from traditional to improved microwave-assisted tools.

WuXi’s strength in organic synthesis enables us to prepare any unnatural amino acids in-house saving time and ensuring quality, especially for reagents not commercially available. Clients can simply place a peptide synthesis order with WuXi, and we will take care of both the synthesis of unnatural amino acids and peptides.

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ChinaTech Peptide can offer kinds of high quality generic peptide which can be used in pharmaceutical, agricultural & veterinary products, cosmetics and so on. We also provide the service of custom synthesis according to the requirement of our customer.

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JPT chemically synthesizes annually well over 150,000 individual peptides ranging from highly challenging ultra-pure peptidomimetics and long peptides to complex peptide libraries consisting of thousands of fully characterized peptides.

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This development introduces new targets for peptide-based drugs where small organic molecules are unable to cover. This is despite the fact that they have a high metabolic stability, are small-sized, can easily cross cell membranes, and their cost is simple and cheap. Although these drugs are orally applicable, they reveal substantial drawbacks.

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Aurora Fine Chemicals offers custom peptides of the highest quality, at the most competitive price. We produce peptides from milligram to several hundred gram quantities, using advanced peptide methodologies for solid phase and/or liquid phase approaches. Most custom peptides can be delivered within 1-4 weeks after receipt and confirmation of an your order.

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For example, they exhibit moderate selectivity and target potency leading to side effects. The drug dose can go down, thanks to the specific and strong binding properties of proteins and peptides to molecular targets. The greatest benefit of custom peptide synthesis is considered the fact that they have high selectivity, which in turn causes few side effects.