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A diastasis will have an impact on your overall core strength including your pelvic floor, on the effectiveness of your pushing, on how fast your abdominals recover from a caesarean, on how your tummy looks after baby is born and on how much back pain you experience during your pregnancy.

Peripartum Diastasis of the Symphysis Pubis — NEJM

Sacroilliac joint diasthesis from high energy trauma is always complicated with chronic pain and long term morbidity. Open anterior stabilisation with plate allow direct reduction and stabilisation with biomechanically advantages. Here we report on four cases of pelvic injury with sacroiliac joint disruption treated with anterior plate stabilisation through a surgical approach similar to that used for anterior ring fractures.

Despite the incapacitating nature of this pathology, up to now very few studies have investigated the success of conservative treatments for improving or even preventing this pathology. Therefore, the conservative methods to use for successfully managing SPD remain unclear, and posterior residual diastasis in women with SPD is becoming more frequent [12–13]. The purpose of this study was to systematically review the available literature on the conservative treatment of SPD during pregnancy and labor.