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Their younger son Paul became a professional yacht skipper and now lives in San Diego.

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Cheesman, TA Bogetti, Ballistic impact into fabric and compliant composite laminates, Compos Struct, 61, 2003, 16 –73.
[5] PM Cuniff, An analysis of the system effects in woven fabrics under ballistic impact.

Foreword by Sir Paul Hasluck. A History of the Boys' Brigade in Australia and Papua New Guinea 1882-1976.Reed.

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Cheesman taught in BYU's Department of Religious Education from1963 to 1986. He received his master's degree in 1965 anddoctorate in 1967,both in Religious Education at BYU. For a time, he served asdirector of scripture studies anddirector of studies inBYU's .Cheesman was known for research of correlations between the Book ofMormon and pre-Columbian American discoveries. Hisstated desire was to promote Latter-day Saint faith:

Specialized in Gunnery in 1963 at Whale Island (came across Paul Wijnberg and Peter Bitzker who did the same specialization).

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Pauline Hanson's impact on the Australian political scenecan be described as nothing less than astonishing.

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Cheesman was born in and was a memberof (LDS Church). His parentsdied while he was still young and he oversaw his own education. Hereceived a degree in education from .In California, he was also a public school teacher, and he laterworked as a teacher for the LDS Church.During the Korean War, he served as a chaplain in the United Statesmilitary. In 1944, he married Millie Foster, with whom he had sixchildren.

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Cheesman's book Ancient American Indians: Their Origins,Civilizations and Old World Connections has been criticized asa poor work of scholarship, most especially by such men as MartinH. Raish and who also believe thatthe is an ancient work and thus feel that such shoddyscholarship hurts more than it helps a true understanding of thebook. has said of a 1985 work by Cheesman on ancient writingon gold plates that it should be "used with caution"

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Cheesman's most recognized publications are about ancientAmerica's relationship to the Book of Mormon. His master's thesiswas notable for bringing to light the previously-unknown 1832account of the , 's first recorded account thatdates to 1832.

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As the fish and chip shop lady in the traditional Labor Party stronghold of Ipswich, Queensland, who was elected as the Federal Member for Oxley in 1996, Pauline Hanson has touched a vital nerve among Australian voters.

an unpublished Brigham Young University thesis by Paul R

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