Unicode Character 'LEFT PARENTHESIS' (U+0028)

The followingtwo are equivalent:The number of characters can change within the commas.

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Keyboard symbols (shortcut codes for text symbols and characters) Using parenthesis inside a string (Beginning Java forum at What is the syntax for using a parenthesis inside a string?

The solution is to place a dummy character before bothstrings:In complex expressions, parenthesis can be used to alter the defaultprecedence in evaluation.

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A minus sign is a prefix operatoronly when it appears at the beginning of an expression or when it is immediatelypreceded by a left parenthesis or another operator. Depending on the charactersavailable on your keyboard, the symbol can be the not sign (¬), tilde(~), or caret (


The Parser however only reports if the characters is present. It does notreport where they were found in the argument. IM for example does notremember that ' was attached to a specific number. It also doesnot report if it appears multiple times either.

U+FE59 Small Left Parenthesis Unicode Character

Parentheses have a special meaning in a pattern,so we must escape them with a `´.)As another example, the pattern ''matches identifiers in a Lua program:a sequence that starts with a letter or an underscore,followed by zero or more underscores or alphanumeric characters.

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It incorrectly sets variable isW3C if the number 6 - 9 appears in the string. Our guess is the binding of the first parenthesis is directly to the MSIE expression and the OR and second parenthesis is treated as a separate expression. Adding the inner parenthesis fixed the problem.