However, few tools are aimed to the integration of both of them.

In the other approach PID controller is employed for the plant model (microstructure development).

Doctor of Philosophy Thesis, The University of Maine, 131 pp.

This paper does a comparative analysis of binary codes based on the simulation results of their autocorrelation function and identifies 13 bit Barker code as the most optimal binary code for surveillance radar.

Key words: Pulse compression, Range resolution, Peak side lobe level (PSL), Barker Code, Golay Code

[1] Merrill I.

To determine whether a digital image is original or doctored is a big challenge.

Wireless Surveillance System has the solution to this problem.

Relating A Few Organizational Variables Associated With Is (Information System) Planning And Implementation To The Strategy Of The Firm: Developing A Theoretical Framework And Its Empirical Validation.
- Vinay Singh; R. R. K. Sharma; Oct 2012

Impact of land- use changes on the processes in the Elbow river watershed in southern Alberta.

The proposed spatial WLD descriptor with simplest classifier gives much better accuracy with lesser algorithmic complexity than face recognition approaches.

Key words: Normalization, Orientation, Differential excitation, Euclidean Distance.

[1] J.

Landuse change and hydrologic processes: a major focus for the future.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

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Barpi, The level set method applied to avalanches.

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S, the owner and planter der Iran, translated by M.

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One of the methods of the treatment is constructed wetland.

Exploring The Duality In E–Governance Service Quality Assessment – A Study Of National E-Governance Plan (Negp) In India
- S N Mukhopadhyay; Jayanta Chatterjee, Raghu Nandan Sengupta, D KGhosh; Jun 2011

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Lagrangian Procedure With Relaxation Of The Flow Balance Constraints For The Single Stage Uncapacitated Warehouse Location Problem: Few Theoretical And Empirical Results
- Adwait Digambar Parulekar; R. R. K. Sharma; May 2013