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Palladium-Catalyzed Cyanoesterification of Unsaturated Organic Compounds
Direct activation of C-C bonds and sequential addition to the C-C multiple bonds are of current interest in synthetic organic chemistry because the reaction can provide two different C-C bonds simultaneously.

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Gold-catalyzed hydroamination has been applied to the synthesis of indoles. In the presence of electrophiles, the organogold intermediates of this reaction may react further to establish substituents at the 3-position of the indole ring (Eq. 15).

Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions: Practical Aspects and Future Developments

823. Trost, Barry M.; McClory, Andrew "Metal Vinylidenes as Catalytic Species in Organic Reactions." Chemistry - An Asian Journal (2008), 3, 164-194.

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For the corresponding palladium-catalyzed reactions of organoboron, -silicon and -bismuth compounds, chiraphos and dipamp were found to result in high yields and high enantioselectivities.


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Transition-metal catalysts are commonly used to effect site-selective carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation. One synthetically attractive application of this idea concerns synthesis of the indole skeleton, which can be constructed through cross-coupling reactions of appropriately substituted 2-alkynyl, 2-alkenyl, and 2-allyl anilines. Palladium in particular has seen wide use as a transition-metal catalyst in this context, because of its versatility and effectiveness in establishing both C–C and C–X bonds. In the presence of a palladium catalyst, a variety of coupling partners combine to form aromatic indoles. Figure 1 outlines the known retrosynthetic disconnections one can envision based on the known coupling chemistry of alkenes and anilines.

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Miyaura developed a certain new catalytic cycle starting from transmetalation to give an aryl- or 1-alkenylrhodium(I) intermediate for 1,4-addition of aryl- or 1-alkenylboronic acids to α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, which has been proved to be a quite general cycle allowing various addition and coupling reactions of organometallic and -nonmetallic compounds.

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Coupling reactions of alkynyl anilines are generally more versatile than reactions of alkenyl anilines. Equation 2 describes retrosynthetic disconnections of the indole skeleton that can be established through reactions of anilines bearing alkyne fragments, preformed or prepared , in the presence of a palladium catalyst.

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Miyaura's research on metal-catalyzed B-C bond-forming reactions for the syntheses of organoboronic acids and esters greatly contributed to recent advances in organoborane chemistry and organic syntheses using organoboranes.