The input hypothesis: An update.

What is Science? Science is a way of learning about the natural world.

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For many years, mitochondria were viewed as semiautonomous organelles, required only for cellular energetics. This view has been largely supplanted by the concept that mitochondria are fully integrated into the cell and that mitochondrial stresses rapidly activate cytosolic signaling pathways that ultimately alter nuclear gene expression. Remarkably, this coordinated response to mild mitochondrial stress appears to leave the cell less susceptible to subsequent perturbations. This response, termed mitohormesis, is being rapidly dissected in many model organisms. A fuller understanding of mitohormesis promises to provide insight into our susceptibility for disease and potentially provide a unifying hypothesis for why we age.

climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis.

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Matt Dempsey, spokesman with the pro-industry group Divestment Facts described Wednesday’s announcement as a “prime example of ‘ready, fire, aim.’”

For more examples of ruthless orthodoxy enforcement as to climate change in the academic world, see my posts and

I’m actually hoping that Chancellor Merkel does a deal with the Greens and maybe the S
DP, and continues down her road of green folly. The real world needs some concrete examples of actual disaster to teach us a lesson in reality.

———————————————- Several dozen more examples / confirmations of HAARP rings being hit directly.. listed here:

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LOTH is an hypothesis about the nature of thought and thinking withpropositional content. As such, it may or may not be applicable toother aspects of mental life. Officially, it is silent about thenature of some mental phenomena such as experience, qualia,[] sensory processes, mental images, visual and auditory imagination,sensory memory, perceptual pattern-recognition capacities, dreaming,hallucinating, etc. To be sure, many LOT theorists hold views aboutthese aspects of mental life that sometimes make it seem that they are also tobe explained by something similar to LOTH.[]

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When viewed this way, scientific theories advanced within the LOTH framework are not, strictly speaking, committed topreserving the folk taxonomy of the mental states in any very exactway. Notions like belief, desire, hope, fear, etc. are folk notionsand, as such, it may not be utterly plausible to expect (eliminativistarguments aside) that a scientific psychology will preserve the exactcontours of these concepts. On the contrary, there is every reason tobelieve that scientific counterparts of these notions will carve themental space somewhat differently. For instance, it has been notedthat the folk notion of belief harbors many distinctions. For example,it has both a dispositional and an occurrent sense. In the occurrentsense, it seems to mean something like consciously entertaining andaccepting a thought (proposition) as true. There is quite a bit ofliterature and controversy on the dispositional sense.[] Beliefs are also capable of being explicitly stored in long termmemory as opposed to being merely dispositional or tacit. Compare, forinstance: I believe that there was a big surprise party for my 24thbirthday vs. I have always believed that lions don't eat their foodwith forks and knives, or that 13652/4=3413, even though until nowthese latter two thoughts had never occurred to me. There isfurthermore the issue of degree of belief: while I may believe thatGeorge will come to dinner with his new girlfriend even though Iwouldn't bet on it, you, thinking that you know him better than I do,may nevertheless go to the wall for it. It is unlikely that there willbe one single construct of scientific psychology that will exactlycorrespond to the folk notion of belief in all these ways.

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More than 80 tropical or sub-tropical storms struck New York State during the last 300 years. An example was the Norfolk and Long Island Hurricane of 1821. It hit New York City with Category 3 force winds, much stronger than Category 1 Sandy. Although it came ashore at low tide, when ocean levels were five feet lower than when Sandy hit, the 1821 storm flooded New York City up to Canal Street.

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Gregg argues that Krashenhas no basis for separating grammatical morphemes from, for example, phonology. Although Krashen only briefly mentions the existence of other parallel“streams” of acquisition in The Natural Approach, their very existencerules out any order that might be used in instruction. The basicidea of a simple linear order of acquisition is extremely unlikely, Greggreminds us. In addition, if there are individual differences thenthe hypothesis is not provable, falsifiable, and in the end, not useful.