he suffered in our stead and ..

suffered the penalty of the law in our stead, and reconciled us to God.

He did not come to live a perfect life in our stead

Similarly, the pathetic imagery of the lamb led and the sheep dumb gives the same double representation, first of the indignities, and next of His demeanour in enduring them, as is conveyed in ‘He was oppressed, yet He humbled Himself.’ Unremonstrating, unresisting endurance, then, is the point emphasised in the lovely metaphor. We recall the fact that this emphatically reduplicated phrase ‘opened not His mouth’ was verbally fulfilled in our Lord’s silence before each of the three authorities to whom He was presented, before the Jewish rulers, before Pilate, and before Herod.

became our surety, or undertook to pay the debt, and to suffer the law in our stead, and for our sake.

Our hypotheses;he says 'die in our stead'

These matters, however, are of subordinate interest; the prominent feature of the description is the meek and submissive demeanour of the Servant under his undeserved sufferings. - .

The gate to Dante's hell is inscribed,

I did not mean for one minute either to deny that there are things that are good and laudable in Luther—that he pronounced and taught some very fine things which, if they had become the ethical standard of modern Europe, might have brought us peace and prosperity instead of war and misery. All I maintain is that Luther and his doctrines are one of the causes why Europe could follow such a fatal road—that Luther, the man and his teaching, had many disastrous sides, as well as good ones. This negative aspect of Lutheranism is not only generally ignored, but is just the very aspect which as influenced German ethics and standards.

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These facts are unpleasant and horrible. I maintain that we can understand them and explain them only if we look at the dark figure from whom the German Lutheran clergy has for four centuries taken their orders: Martin Luther. Do not defy the authorities even if they are unjust, worship war, murder and slay the enemy, pray for a German God, exterminate the Jews, praise the authorities—all this, as I tried to show, was first preached by Luther, and has been propagated ever since from Lutheran pulpits and universities; it is the Gospel of every German Christian. It is, to my mind, the only possible explanation of many tragic happenings which seem otherwise unexplainable. An explanation which, it seems tome, corresponds more to the horrid facts than the noble and Christian hypotheses of the Bishop of Chichester and his followers.

Jesus Christ - Our Judge and Our Advocate - Walter Veith

Russia--and I have studied conditions there from the original sources, unofficial and official (the latter accessible to but few persons, but obtainedfor me through friends in Petersburg)--has long been standing on the threshold of anupheaval; all the elements of it are prepared.

Is Homesteading Really the "Simple Life"

Lincoln signed Pacific Railway Act, approving an act of Congress which was anticipated by the Homestead Act and proposed "to aid in the construction of a railroadand telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean." :China suffered further refinement of open ports and open cities policies imposed by imperialist forces -- England, Russia, France, and the Netherlands
*--Two decades later, a new imperialist power, , upset the balance among those imperialist nations that fed on
*--Old European imperialist powers were in any event themselves growing restless with the status quo in the far east
:Russian activist members of fledgling "educated public" were arrested by the hundreds, usually on trumpted up charges (EG= and Nikolai Serno-Solov'evich).

Is Homesteading Really the “Simple” Life?

Over and over again he returns to this favoured subject, that there are two moralities; the one in which we are faithful Christians and which regards merely our spiritual life, and the other which we adopt as citizens and where we owe obedience to the secular power.