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Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) focuses on improving the lives of disabled through innovative Prosthetic & Orthotic devices and techniques, for people suffering from amputations, limb loss, as well as lifestyle-related joint problems.

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Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) is committed to compassionate care and clinical excellence. We strive for the fastest delivery of high quality O&P products and care.

Due to the inherent costs associated with custom fabrication, there can be no refund for a custom fabricated orthosis/prosthesis (this includes custom molded shoes and custom molded foot orthotics) unless the item is proven to be inap­propriate at the time of fitting or substandard (less than full quality), in which case the manufacturer's war­ranty will be observed

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Both are often prescribed to patients who suffer from similar conditions. For example, people who have diabetes will often require the use of orthotics at some point in their life due to complications related to this condition. There are many times, however, when despite the person’s best efforts, their foot needs to be amputated, and they will be prescribed a prosthetic device.

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Orthoses refer to the devices used to correct or enhance the use of part of your body. Orthotics are commonly prescribed by orthotists and prosthetists to people who have difficulty using their arms or legs due to deficiencies or deformities in a person’s body. Orthotic devices provide comfort and healing to the limb by reducing shock, and decrease inflammation and swelling.

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You are unique. Special. It is our responsibility and honor to create, by hand, a prosthesis or orthosis customized for you. Your practitioner is hands on from initial consultation and exam, through fabrication and fitting, to follow-up and follow-through. We will ask you many questions so that we can put ourselves in your place and understand your needs and concerns. Your comfort and satisfaction is paramount. We will work to achieve it.

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Our mission at Bio-Tech is to design, fabricate and fit the highest quality prosthetic and orthotic devices with a continued commitment to incorporating the available technology that most appropriately serves our patients’ needs. We strive to operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the important role our company plays in the local community by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of care through education and information programs.

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Our staff and resources are focused on a single objective: to create the best possible orthosis or prosthesis to meet your unique needs. We start by developing a deep understanding of you and your condition.