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Orthodox Judaism typically rejects any form of distinction between the books of the .

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Well, here goes. (Deep breath.) Having grown up an Orthodox Jew since the age of eight, having gone to prominent Israeli high school and post high school yeshivas, having been ordained by the Chief Rabbis of Israel, having served as the rabbi of an Orthodox congregation, as the head of one Jewish educational organization, and in the professional leadership of two Jewish day schools, having taught formally and informally people of all ages about Judaism, basically, since the age of sixteen, I am checking out. I am no longer Orthodox, and beyond that, no longer a theist. That’s it, it’s over. I am a secular humanist.

Modern Orthodox Rabbis have been criticised for attempting to adapt Judaism to the world.

Is the Documentary Hypothesis incompatible with Karaite Judaism

The most general form of semicha is Yore yore ("he shall teach"). Most Rabbis hold this qualification; they are sometimes called a moreh hora'ah ("a teacher of rulings"). A more advanced form of semicha is Yadin yadin ("he shall judge"). This enables the recipient to adjudicate cases of monetary law, amongst other responsibilities. Although he can now be formally addressed as a dayan ("judge"), the vast majority retain the title rabbi. Only a small percentage of rabbis earn this ordination. Although not strictly necessary, many Orthodox rabbis hold that a (court of Jewish law) should be made up of dayanim.

Modern Orthodoxy stresses that if guided by Jewish values, this interaction is in fact desirable and intellectually profitable.

One might object and protest that if Orthodox Judaism’s claims are valid, the fact that you don’t connect to it should not be a factor. Here lies the rub. There is absolutely no proof that Orthodox Judaism’s claims are valid. There is no proof that there is a God. In previous centuries at the primitive level of their scientific knowledge (even though there was never proof) there might have been reasons to posit a designer for the world. Our knowledge today of cosmology and biology no longer necessitates this. Not only that, there is no proof that a God dictated the Torah to Moses, if such a person ever existed, and no proof that any of the things we are told in the Torah ever happened. Even in books in the Hebrew Bible that might have some truth to them such as the Former Prophets, proof is available only for a select number of persons and events, which even in those cases usually does not back up the account of the Hebrew Bible. There is certainly no proof that the Oral Law existed much time before the Common Era. Again, perhaps in past generations, in the absence of the knowledge we now have about the development of these writings and ideas, there were reasons to accept these claims as true. Our knowledge today no longer necessitates this. In short, even before analyzing the points against belief in the Torah, you need to take quite a leap of faith, one that I see as entirely unwarranted. Occam’s razor and simple logic dictate therefore that these claims be seen as not only not provable, but also false.

Modern Orthodox Jews may acknowledge insights provided by some tools of modern textual criticism into Judaism's sacred works and .

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In the course of a conversation with my daughters Ionce picked up the classic book on Buddha entitled The Light of Asia.Supposedly the book was written by Sir Edward Arnold as a historical documentaryabout the life of Buddha. I had never studied Buddhism; and I am not familiarwith their sacred writings. As I began to read, I realized that the bookcontained many of the same universal symbols as the Bible, and all the rest ofthe religious writings the world over. I immediately put the book down and saidto my daughter: I am not sure there ever was an historical man Buddha -- butrather, what we read of the Buddha is merely describing the road that one mustwalk in order to become The Enlightened One -- which is the definition of theword Buddha. Therefore, what is written about the Buddha, may be no differentthan the writings of the Greek poets, or the inner message of the majority ofthe other religions of mankind the world over. The objective, then, is not tobelieve in the Buddha -- or enlightened one -- or to worship the historicalBuddha -- but to become the enlightened one.

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That the masses of people see only the literalsymbols, and are incapable of looking beyond the body of the narrative into thespirit, is because in embracing their carnal reality, they walk what the Bibleportrays as the broad-way, and have cut themselves off from the Kingdom and thesource of all true knowledge. That the masses of idol worshiping Pagans at thebeginning of our Common Era did not perceive the underlying message of their ownreligious writings, is also true with respect to the majority of Jews,Christians, Muslims, as well as the rest of the religions of the world to thisvery day. Moreover, it is also demonstrated in the fact that, every day ourpublic schools teach Christ, and don’t even know it.

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If one is a student of the science of how languageis formed, it is understood that when a new term is embraced, the term crossesover the language barriers. This can be observed in our own English language inthe many instances where we see words that are common to French, Spanish,Italian, etc. and vice versa, because that concept or term did not exist in thelanguage when it came into common use. For instance, no person of Jewishheritage could be named Jesus; and neither could he have a brother named James,or a mother named Mary. These names do not exist in the Hebrew language. In thetransposition between Hebrew and Greek, the meaning of Jacob is seen as beingsynonymous with James, and Miriam becomes Mary. What this means is that becausethe meaning of the Hebrew word Messiah already existed, and was in common usageamong the Greeks, they translated the word Messiah into Christ, which in Englishmeans Anointed.