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Isocitrate then undergoes a reaction known as oxidative decarboxylation because the alcohol is oxidized and the molecule is shortened by one carbon atom with the release of carbon dioxide (decarboxylation). The reaction is catalyzed by , and the product of the reaction is α-ketoglutarate. An important reaction linked to this is the reduction of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to NADH. The NADH is ultimately reoxidized, and the energy released is used in the synthesis of ATP, as we shall see.

Isonitriles, and oxiranes are found in various natural products and they are useful functional groups in organic synthesis.

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Enzyme Development for Organic SynthesisOur programs in this area include the development of novel substrates andthe exploitation of native and modified enzymes for organic synthesis.

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Molecular biology methods make their contribution to boosting the enzymatic wave in organic synthesis by the possibility to over-express natural enzymes or by the design of completely new protein catalysts specifically for predetermined reactions and available through the catalytic antibody approach.

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