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But if the goal of organic synthesis is to synthesize a molecule, then it does reduce in that way. That’s where many people have a problem, because it feels wrong to them in the same way that brute-forcing to the end of a chess game does. So that starts a search for other goals – training chemists, discovering new reactions, and many more – some of which are good arguments and some of which aren’t. I think, though, that the listing of them comes from that initial feeling of strange wrongness that people get when they envision hitting a “start” button for a program to optimize a retrosynthesis, which then starts a hood full of robot parts to cranking out the molecule – while the chemist does what, exactly? If chess is just two computer programs banging into each other, what’s the point, and if organic synthesis reduces to a pile of algorithms and a bunch of tubing and pumps. . .?

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That ‘synthesis = art’ equation is so arrogant! And seems like only organic chemists are promoting their own uniqueness in science so aggressively. I’ve never saw microbiologists to claim that their field is an art, although they can also do some nice and useless stuff

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labelled compounds).d)For the intellectual challenge – new problems demand new solutions and can lead to the development of NEW CHEMISTRY, reagents etc.When faced with the challenge of preparing a specific organic compound ho do we go about it?This is the art of synthesis!e.g.

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A professional classical musician I play with told me “you can’t cram for a concert”. There may come a time when we need synthetic organic chemists to make a crucial molecule in short supply (taxol come to mind). They can’t just be produced out of whole cloth.

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Creating separate lecture sections of classes to serve as "Honors" sections creates both staffing problems and space/scheduling problems, and substantial parts of the instruction overlap.

In Chem 210 (Organic Chemistry), since 1994, students who are interested in taking the class more deeply, connected to literature, doing group work, etc., do so by signing up for an aditional 2-hr/week of Supplemental Instruction sessions we call Structured Study Groups (SSG).

These sessions are led by upper-level undergrads under my direct supervision. The work they do is week is termed 'generative', that is, they create individual work around a theme, and bring it to the weeklysession for peer review, discussion and critique.

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Here you'll find on key concepts in organic chemistry, practice problems to test your knowledge, to help you learn and memorize the reactions, tutorials on , links to , and the author’s own where he discusses all things organic chemistry and beyond.Students should begin by visiting the  page, where you'll find guides for learning the key concepts for many of the topics you'll encounter.

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Solving Organic Synthesis Problems Synthesis problems consist of Synthesis problems are among the most challenging exercises found in Organic Chemistry.