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Fieser, Reagents for Organic Synthesis, New York, USA: Wiley, 1967; Acetyl nitrate, p.
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Preparation of N-allyl-N-(methoxycarbonyl)-1,3-decadiynylamine. / Kohnen, Amanda L.; Dunetz, Joshua R.; Danheiser, Rick L.; Liu, Xiaorong. Organic Syntheses.

Preparation and reactions of polyfunctional organozinc reagents in organic synthesis.
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Organic synthesis is the study of how we build molecules ranging from complex, biologically active natural products to new materials. Because synthesis allows a chemist to construct entirely new structures. It also involving the scientific study of the structure properties and reactions of organic compounds and material. The range of chemical studies in organic chemistry include hydrocarbons.

Organic*/methods; Drug Industry/economics* Pharmaceutical Preparations/chemical synthesis*
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Radek Zboril received his Ph.D. degree at the Palacky University, Olomouc. After his Ph.D. studies, he took positions at the Universities of Tokyo, Delaware, and Johannesburg. Currently, he is a professor in the Department of Physical Chemistry and a general director of the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials at Palacky University, Olomouc. His research interests are centered on nanomaterials, including iron- and iron oxide-based NPs, silver NPs, carbon nanostructures, and magnetic NPs, and encompass their synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and applications in catalysis, water treatment, antimicrobial treatment, medicine, and biotechnology. He has published more than 250 scientific papers, including 10 review papers in American Chemical Society (ACS) journals (e.g., , , ).

Advanced Level Theoretical Organic Chemistry Revision Notes on REDOX reactions involving organic oxidation and reduction synthesis-preparations
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