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The architecture of bulk heterojunction solar cells can improve the performance oforganic solar cell a lot, but these improvements are highly dependent on themorphology of photoactive layer.

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In contrast, emerging photovoltaic cells are made from an assortment of inexpensive materials, including organic polymers, small molecules, and various types of inorganic compounds. And unlike silicon cells, the emerging ones can be fabricated on flexible supports via inexpensive solution-phase techniques common in plastics manufacturing, such as high-speed roll-to-roll printing.

Jan 1, 2011 The effect of 3D morphology on hybrid polymer solar cells The aim of this thesis is exploring the fabrication of hybrid organic polymer.

InfinityPV is a Danish organic photovoltaics start-up company founded by of the Technical University of Denmark. Infinity currently sells solar cells and modules for educational use, testing, and manufacturing analysis. Krebs and coworkers in 2013, when they developed a large-scale roll-to-roll printing technique and used it to make a record-setting string of 16,000 organic solar cells connected in series. InfinityPV also makes a solar charger for phones. The device features a hand-sized case with a retractable organic photovoltaic panel and a built-in lithium-ion battery.

Exciton solar cells -8.3- of the efficiency has been achieved of solar cells based on this deposition technique.

The solar module properties depend mainly on the solar cell type used

In the early 1990s, chemistry professor Michael Grätzel of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, and coworker Brian C. O’Regan demonstrated that an appreciable quantity of electricity can be generated from sunlight by means of an inexpensive and easily produced device. Their work touched off a wave of dye-sensitized solar-cell (DSSC) research and led to the founding of several start-up companies.

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State-of-the-art gallium arsenide-based solar cells boasting efficiencies as high as 46% sit at the very top of the NREL list. But those cells are highly specialized photovoltaic research devices that come with steep price tags.

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Seeking to improve the design, Northwestern University researchers replaced the liquid electrolyte with a novel semiconducting inorganic solid: fluorine-doped cesium tin iodide (CsSnI2.95F0.05). The team that the solid avoided the corrosion and reactivity problems and led to cells with conversion efficiencies of around 10%.