Regan J. Thompson et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 17750 [] [] []

 Jill Chipman '14 (Chemistry, Advisor: Nellutla) Spin Networks of Polyoxometalate – Organic Hybrids

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Daniel Mermelstein '14 (Chemistry, Advisor: Van Wynsberghe) Investigation of Oseltamivir Binding Kinetics to N1 Influenza Neuraminidase

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Rachel Rothbarth '12 (Chemistry, Advisor: Snyder) Progress on the Synthesis of Carbohydrate-Porphyrin Conjugates Using Click Chemistry

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Science educators strive to teach students how to be well-rounded scientists with the ability to problem solve, anticipate errors, and adapt to unexpected roadblocks. Traditional organic chemistry experiments seldom teach these skills, no matter how novel or contemporary the subject material. This paper reports on the success of a quarter-long organic chemistry laboratory experiment that takes the form of a research project designed to teach these real-life skills. Students took a three-step synthetic sequence from a literature source, and changed parameters to improve the yield. This involved library research and two levels of proposals, followed by a written report and a poster presentation. The goal was to simulate the different aspects of a research lab, from literature searches to problem-solving to presenting results. The students experienced unexpected difficulties and were graded on how they overcame these obstacles, rather than on how much they improved the yields.

Armen Zakarian, Huw M. L. Davies et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 17738 [] [] [] []

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Research efforts in David H. Thompson’s Group are focused on the design, synthesis and performance testing of purpose-designed materials that address challenging problems in targeted drug delivery for lysosomal storage disorder therapeutics and protein structure determination by cryoEM. These projects often employ a wide variety of physical, biochemical and biology characterization methods and, in some cases, involve the development of continuous processing methods for the synthesis of small molecules and self-assembling materials.

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Our research lies at the interface of organic chemistry and chemical biology. We aim to develop versatile new synthetic tools for small molecule synthesis, protein bioconjugation, and the design of peptide-based therapeutics. By expanding the toolbox of practical methods and reagents for the direct modification of complex biomolecules, we seek to understand their role in mediating biological processes as well as enhance their therapeutic potential.

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Akritee Shrestha '13 (Chemistry, Advisor: Cotten) Study of Piscidin 1 in Models of Cancer Cell Membranes and Healthy Mammalian Cell Membranes

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Chemical Biology with an emphasis on natural product biosynthesis and/or catabolism and the evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cancer or age-related macular degeneration.

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Bret Turner '13 (Chemistry, Advisor: Silversmith) Lanthanide Complex-Doped Sol-Gel Glasses Prepared by Post Annealing Immersion