Photosynthesis occurs in cells called chloroplasts

Inside the  (a special organelle within a plant cell), a molecule of chlorophyll absorbs the light.

Name the organelle of plant cells in which photosynthesis occurs

It is enclosed by a double membrane called the nuclear envelope.
Cell Membrane
A phospholipid layer that covers a cell's surface and acts as a barrier between the inside of a cell and the cell's environment.
A green pigment that captures light energy for photosynthesis.
An organelle found in plant and algae cells where photosynthesis occurs.
Deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule that is present in all living cells and that contains the information that determines the traits that a living thing inherits and needs to live.
The cytoplasmic network of protein filaments that plays an essential role in cell movement, shape, and division.
Cell Wall
A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support to the cell.
In a eukaryotic cell, one of the structures in the nucleus that are made up of DNA and protein; in a prokaryotic cell, the main ring of DNA.

An organelle found in plant and algae cells where photosynthesis occurs

Plant cells perform photosynthesis,which occurs in the …

Two important structures which are not considered organelles are the ribosomes and the cytoskeleton. Both of these are found in plant and animal cells. Ribosomes are responsible for the production of polypeptides which eventually become proteins. The cytoskeleton is important for maintaining the overall shape and organization of the cell and facilitates the movement of the cell’s internal structures from one place to another.

In leaves, the tissue between epidermal layers, where photosynthesis occurs.

Photosynthesis is the first stage of energy flow through an ecosystem. You and all other animals on earth rely on the energy that plants store for life. But animals aren’t the only organisms that burn energy. Plants burn energy as they grow, too. In both plants and animals, the process of — which releases stored energy for use — occurs in the mitochondria inside each cell.

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