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Mathematicians were very careful when they developed the order of operations.

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To give additional practice using the correct order of operations, have students: 1) replace the variable in each row or column to make a true equation in puzzle #1 (see handout).

Ambiguity is eliminated using grouping symbols and the order of operations rule.

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This tutorial is designed to help you by using the 'Order of Operations'. When there is more than one operation involved in a mathematical problem, it must be solved by using the correct order of operations. A number of teachers use acronyms with their students to help them to retain the order. Remember, will perform operations in the order which you enter them, therefore, you will need to enter the operations in the correct order for the calculator to give you the right answer.

Ambiguity is eliminated using grouping symbols and the order of operations rule.

Use this to further test your students, which ventures into multiplication, addition, and exponentials all inside of parentheticals, which can further confuse students who might forget that the order of operations essentially resets within parentheticals and must then occur outside of them.

I believe they were asking about the order of operations rather than "how to sort".

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as involving divisionbefore addition. But when it comes to , where the operations belongto the same family, the left-to-right order suggestsdoing the division first, while the "unseparated letters"notation suggests doing the multiplication first; soneither choice is obvious. It is interesting that in the 48/2(9+3) problem,the last element was written 9+3 rather than 12. If the latter had been used, it would have been necessaryto insert a multiplication sign, 48/2×12, andI would guess that a large majority of people would have thenmade the interpretation (48/2)×12. Perhaps we will never know where this puzzle originated; perhapsit was cunningly designed so that one interpretation would seemas likely as the other; or perhaps it came up as a realexpression that someone happened to write down, not thinking of it asambiguous, but that other people did have trouble with.

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Parenthesis can be used to alter the natural order of precedence of the operators. They can be nested as long as the expression contains an equal number of open parenthesis and closed parenthesis. The '=' key will not execute the calculation if any open parenthesis has been left without a matching closed one.

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So, you can see that it is absolutely critical to follow the order of operations. Some of the most frequent errors students make occur when they do not follow the order of operations when solving mathematical problems. Students can often be fluent in computational work yet do not follow procedures. Use the handy acronyms outlined above to ensure that you never make this mistake again.

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Probably another reason why there is not a fixed convention fororder of multiplication and division, as there is for addition andsubtraction, is that while people frequently do calculationsthat involve adding and subtracting lengthy strings of numbers,the numbers of multiplications and divisions that come intoeveryday calculations tends to be smaller; so there is lessneed for a convention, and none has evolved.