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I will show that thenormal state in optical lattice can also have a sharp interferencepattern.

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In this thesis, we probe analternate approach to realizing the FQHE physics in cold gases byexamining cold bosons confined to a rotating optical lattice.

Even though small these are not ideal for the use of neutral atoms in optical lattice as a tool for quantum computation.

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Review and relevance of characterization of materials; Structural Characterisation: Optical microscopy (determination of microstructure and grain size ), Scanning Electron Microscopy (determining morphology, crystallite size, elemental detection, thickness), Transmission Electron Microscopy (microstructure, lattice parameter, substrate orientation relationship, thickness); Electron Probe Micro Analysis, Energy-dispersive spectroscopy and wavelength-dispersive spectroscopy (chemical analysis); Surface characterization: Atomic Force Microscopy (for determining topography), X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (chemical characterization), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (chemical characterization, grain boundary segregation); Electrical characterization: Four probe measurement (for measuring sheet resistance), Hall measurement (for measuring sheet resistance, carrier concentration and mobility), Scanning Tunelling Microscopy (to understand local surface electronic structure); Magnetic properties; Thermal characterization: Differential Scanning calorimetry , Differential Thermal analyzer (to understand phase transition), Dilatometer (to measure thermal expansion coefficient); Mechanical and Thermomechanical characterization

In these chapters, after a brief introduction to the field of optical lattices I review the fundamental aspects pertaining to the physics of systems in periodic potentials.

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The geometric structure of a single-particle energy band in a solid is fundamental for a wide range of many-body phenomena and is uniquely characterized by the distribution of Berry curvature over the Brillouin zone. We have demonstrated a matter-wave interferometer that precisely measures Berry curvature in an graphene-like optical honeycomb lattice and could demonstrate the highly singular nature of the Dirac point.

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Chern numbers are topological invariants characterizing Bloch bands. A striking manifestation of non-zero Chern numbers is the quantization of the Hall conductivity revealed by the quantum Hall effect. Here, we report on the first non-electronic Chern-number measurement with ultracold bosonic atoms that were loaded into an optical lattice potential subjected to artificial gauge fields. By applying a linear force to the atoms they experience a transverse motion proportional to the Chern number of the occupied band. By analyzing the in-situ evolution of the cloud we determined an experimental value of the Chern number νexp=0.99(5) in agreement with theory.

A review on 3D micro-additive manufacturing …

Topological charge pumping, a dynamic version of the quantum Hall effect, enables a robust and quantized transport of charge through an adiabatic cyclic evolution of the underlying Hamiltonian. We have realized such a pump with ultracold bosonic atoms forming a Mott insulator in a dynamically controlled optical superlattice. We observed a quantized deflection per pump cycle for groundstate particles as well as a counterintuitive reversed deflection for atoms in the first excited band, illustrating the pump’s genuine quantum nature.

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The Pauli exclusion principle is one of the most fundamental manifestations of quantum statistics. Here, we report on its local observation in a spin-polarized degenerate gas of fermions in an optical lattice. We probe the gas with single-site resolution using a new generation quantum gas microscope avoiding the common problem of light induced losses. In the band insulating regime, we measure a strong local suppression of particle number fluctuations and a low local entropy per atom. Our work opens a new avenue for studying quantum correlations in fermionic quantum matter both in and out of equilibrium.

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In the case studied here the behaviour of fermionic atoms in an optical lattice is well described by the repulsive half-filled Fermi-Hubbard model.