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DUBLIN, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1994--The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing, published by Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing and OCLC, is now available.

The author proposes a theory of web-mediated knowledge synthesis comprising seven ..

Journal of Knowledge Management

The case of Australia stands as a progressive example in which indigenous fire knowledge is being incorporated into fire management that includes goals for carbon cycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (Fitzsimons et al.

Differences in depth of TFK reflected in the literature were also affected by factors such as: (1) whether traditional fire management was actively practiced or only historical at the time of the research; (2) the purpose and depth of the investigation, including the degree of the investigator’s familiarity with fire; (3) whether the researcher was able to build upon a foundation of prior knowledge about TFK in the culture of interest; (4) how forthcoming the participants were in sharing detailed information (Hill et al.

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Significantly in Goleman's work, the use of self-reflection should be regulated by the situation, which acknowledges the potential of reflective techniques to open deep personal issues, which may not be appropriate. For example, in the context of work-based management training, EQ-driven self-awareness should be explored safely within agreed professional boundaries, so as to avoid being too personal or introspective. is a good example of a highly complementary theory to use alongside Reflective Practice.

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Systematically using reflection to consider what theory has to offer for our own learning and professional work can help us move from thought to action. After all, theory based on solid research evidence is largely recycled 'best practice' from the relevant field of study. Organizational theory is mainly drawn from studies in the workplace, and specifically for example, the management theorist Meredith Belbin's research into management teams has created a body of knowledge and understanding about team dynamics and effectiveness. The business world has used this wider knowledge to understand how to minimize errors in recruitment and team working, and to improve team effectiveness for improved productivity and growth. Dewey supported the idea of theory drawn from practical experience and applied back to practical action - a loop of reflection and action, for learning and development.