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Sex education for teens includes abstinence, date rape, homosexuality and other tough topics.

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'The two last were the most accomplished scholars of their time, Ammonius especially being unapproached in breadth of learning; but neither produced any systematic work; we have from them merely verses and duty-speeches; and these I cannot think to have been preserved with their consent; they did not concern themselves about formal statement of their doctrine, and it is not likely they would wish to be known in after times by compositions of so trivial a nature.

Null hypothesis 1: There is no significant relationship between age and their perspective on abstinence-only sexual education.

The Failure of Abstinence Only Education

This study therefore concludes that young adolescents within the age bracket of 11–13 years demonstrated the likelihood of being more receptive to abstinence-only sexual education. This finding suggests the need to teach abstinence-only sexual education at an early age by parents who are the first contacts, in religious organizations by sunday school teachers and then by teachers in schools where abstinence-only sexual education is preferred. This will in turn form a part of the values and belief system of the child which might not be easily compromised.

Seeing as not everyone is a Christian, an educational program supporting only this “moral standard” is not logical in today’s society....

More male and female respondents disagreed with five of the statements reflecting the disadvantages of abstinence-only sexual education and agreed with two of the statements. Out of the total number of those that did not agree with the disadvantages of abstinence-only sexual education, more males responded to four of the statements while more females responded to three of the statements.

Almost twice as many conservative Christians support abstinence only sex education versus the other Americans.

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Formal sex education occurs when schools or health care providers offer sex education. Gruenberg also stated that sex education is necessary to prepare the young for the task ahead. According to him, officials generally agree that some kind of planned sex education is necessary. When sex education is contentiously debated, the chief controversial points are whether covering child sexuality is valuable or detrimental; whether LGBT sex education should be integrated into the curriculum; the use of birth control such as condoms and hormonal contraception; and the impact of such use on pregnancy outside marriage, teenage pregnancy, and the transmission of STIs. The first national policy on sexuality education in schools was announced in 1938, but sex education was not taught in schools until 1978. The education curriculum has been revised several times, involving efforts from both government and non-government sectors, and sex education has been accepted as a problem solving tool for adolescent sexual reproduction and health issues. In India, there are many programs promoting sex education including information on AIDS in schools as well public education and advertising. The International Planned Parenthood Federation and the BBC World Service ran a 12-part series known as Sexwise, which discussed sex education, family life education, contraception and parenting. In Sweden, sex education was established in 1921 for secondary education and in 1942 for all grades. The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education has a sex education that emphasizes “Sexual diversity, freedom and enjoyment,” and the RFSU collaborate frequently with government organizations such as the National Institute of Public Health. In most primary/junior schools, students are taught a formal sex education program from Upper Key Stage 2, and then onwards into secondary school, where it becomes a topic in the overall subject of Citizenship or PSHE. In March 2017 it was made complusory all schools have to teach sex education. As education is a provincial concern, sex education varies across Canada. Opponents of sex education contend that children are not mentally and emotionally ready for this type of instruction, and believe that exposing the young to sex ed programs may foster the students with the preoccupation of sex. Another viewpoint on sex education, historically inspired by sexologists like Wilhelm Reich and psychologists like Sigmund Freud and James W. Prescott, holds that what is at stake in sex education is control over the body and liberation from social control. One major source of controversy in the realm of sex education is whether LGBT sex education should be integrated into school curricula. These education standards outline seven core topics that must be addressed in sex education; one of those core topics is identity.